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Villa de Asarta Kechler

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Villa Kechler in Fraforeano di Ronchio

Il park of approximately 3 hectares extends to the southwest of the villa, along the embankment of the Tagliamento.

Extraordinary example of architecture of the gardens, the park is attributed toarchitect Jappelli, who worked around half of800. (Dr. Gabriella Bucco believes that this could bearchitect Alberto Scala, a student of Jappelli himself).

The area, rich in water, has favored the planting of a lush park on the heels of the romantic parks in the English style and develops around a small lake, with 2 islets, bounded by Taxodium disthicum, which in autumn take on an intense reddish colouration and the resulting earth has formed a hillock, the Monte Cucco.

Entering the garden along the paths you meet the typical essences of the area ( hornbeam, oak, rates, tuie), centuries-old exotic plants of great interest and considerable size such as the Carolina poplar, cedars of Lebanon, redwoods, ginki, a charming bamboo grove and ample prati, in a game of solids and voids that has the purpose of enhancing the most important plants and the sight passing on the water. The white poplar it's a horse chestnut are reported as monumental / notable from the'Veneto Regional Villas Agency.

The story of Villa Kechler

The origins of Villa Kechler de Asarta, go hand in hand with the history of the Fief of Fraforeano which, based on documents dating back to 1275, had been granted by the patriarch of Aquileia ai Counts of Varmo.

Il architectural complex, With the dominical house side by side barchesse, originally intended for agricultural use, owes its current appearance to transformations occurred in the second half of the year'800 for want of Vittorio de Asarta, which enhanced the management of the agricultural estate thanks to one radical modernization (first world employment of theelectric plowing).

Services: hospitality, wedding locations and events in Friuli

Weddings: € 1.200

Company events: to be agreed

Various events: € 600 / 1.200 / 2.500


Whole property per day: € 2.500

Single room per day: € 70

Single room weekend: € 220

Single room per week: € 350


Minimum fee € 140 for groups up to 20 people, over 20 people € 5 per person

Places of interest nearby

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Pets allowed
Park or garden
Disabled accessibility
Price: € 70 / day
Bedrooms: 9
Beds: 16
Events Salons: 6
Set In Outdoors: No
Set In Interior: No
Set In Garden: No
Vehicles accessibility for Events: No
Address: Valentine's Day Course, 15
Postal Code: 33050
Country: Italy

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