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Villa Marazzi

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Villa Marazzi

Villa MarazziVilla Marazzi is a splendid 16th century residence located in the historic village of Palazzo Pignano. Characterized by an imposing tower located in the main courtyard, the villa offers spacious frescoed rooms, which give it a noble and romantic atmosphere. Outside a large park with ancient plants is embellished by a large one pool.


The architectural complex consists of an ancient tower and two large courts: an agricultural surrounded by rustic buildings, the other of honor with the actual villa.
The oldest building is the tower, whose base dates back to the beginning of the 1400. It was almost certainly a defensive structure guarding the lordship of Crema.

The villa dates back to the 16th century and was built as a holiday home by Sermone Vimercati who, marrying Ippolita Sanseverino, gave rise to the noble family of Vimercati Sanseverino (1520 approximately). Over the centuries, the villa and its tower were repeatedly reworked and embellished, while still preserving the original layout.