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Villa Molin

A masterpiece by Vincenzo Scamozzi
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Villa Molin

"The most illustrious Signor Niccolò Molino Cavaliere, according to our designs, made a place called La Mandria ... The appearance of the factory looks to Sirocco: before it passes the main road and runs the Bacchiglione, a very navigable river”(Vincenzo Scamozzi, from L'Idea dell'Architettura Universale).

Located between Padua and the Euganean hills, Villa Molin overlooks the waters of the Bacchiglione, showing itself in all its magnificence, perfectly faithful to Scamozzi's project.
The villa was built in the 1597 for Niccolò Molin, Savio di Terraferma, ambassador of the Serenissima to the court of England, husband of the daughter of the doge Alvise Grimani.

The Venetian patricians competed with each other with the construction of the sumptuous residences, therefore, when Niccolò Molin, an important politician, decided to build a country villa to pay homage to his family he called the most prestigious architect of his time in Venice: Vincenzo Scamozzi, then proto of the Republic and author of the Procuratie Nuove in Piazza San Marco.

The skilled and expert hand of its designer, has drawn clear and elegant volumes and a planimetry of extraordinary geometric consistency, based on the square that determines both the shape of the villa and of the central hall.

The decision to involve Scamozzi and the representativeness of the results sought, which make the residence similar to the houses of the ancients, testify to the desire to rise to the highest level of the social scale and to merge solutions of villa architecture with other usual in the urban dimension.

The villa is a few km from the center of Padua and convenient to the ring road exits and motorway junctions. The villa offers a tailor-made service to accompany the organization of every detail of an event. The wide spaces of the villa, consisting of a splendid hall with Baroque frescoes and various living rooms, all furnished and decorated, allow great flexibility in carrying out any type of event.
The Italian garden and the romantic garden are available for outdoor events and weddings.
The historical, artistic and architectural value of the villa are the best setting for any type of event.


Some of the most important noble families of Padua, through the centuries, lived in the villa through marriages and changes of ownership.
After the Molin the villa passed to the Capodilista then to the Conti in the 1672.
They are responsible for the splendid frescoes in the central hall, as evidenced by the shields present in the vault.
The hall, of exceptional height, is entirely decorated with fake architecture and festive scenes, creating a set of grandeur that completely envelops the visitor and recalls the spa classrooms studied by Scamozzi in his youth.

In the 1772 the Capodilista family regained the villa and built the beautiful neoclassical stuccoes of the rooms on the first floor.

Through property transfers and marriages, it passed to the Dondi dell'Orologio.

In the 1918 it was the site of some meetings that led to the armistice signed on November 3 at the nearby Villa Giusti.

In the 1955 it was bought by the industrialist Igino Kofler, who carried out important restoration work that restored the villa to its former glory.

The villa has aroused the interest and admiration of important scholars and architects over the centuries: Inigo Jones declares to take inspiration from Villa Molin for the columns resting on the floor of the loggia of Queen's House in London, without a pedestal “as I did in Greenwich, in the loggia towards the park, and as I saw in Ponte della Cagnia near Padua in a villa of Clarissimo Molin"

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