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Villa Mosconi Bertani

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Villa Mosconi Bertani in Negrar, Verona

Conveniently located just fifteen minutes from the center of Verona and thirty minutes from Garda Lake , the monumental complex of Villa Mosconi Bertani stands in the heart of the Valpolicella Classic, in an enchanting basin outlined by boschi lush and beautiful vineyards.

La Villa, dating back to the eighteenth century and built on a pre-existing complex housing of the sixteenth century, presents an elegant building main in style neoclassic made by the Veronese architect Adriano Cristofoli commissioned by the owner of the estate Giacomo Fattori.

Inside the imposing Salone delle Muse richly frescoed, it acts as the fulcrum of the building manor, which is divided into eleven living rooms elegantly furnished and decorated.

The completion of the villa it is to be attributed to the second owners, the Mosconi counts, who gave them to the territories behind the Villa the dual destination of garden e wood, defining a project in style romantic English at the suggestion of the poet Ippolito Pindemonte.

Surrounded by mura that defined the extension of the brolo, park it covers a territory of about twenty-two hectares, eight of which are currently dedicated to the garden, the remaining ones cultivated with vines. Inside it was built a pond powered by sources present in the property, on whose bank stands one coffeehouse style north European.

Il park, extremely scenographic as a whole and great merit historical and natural, is present in the list of the Great Italian Gardens.

During the eighteenth century, the countess Elisa Mosconi hosted in the Villa a prestigious living room literary, making it a privileged destination for characters distinguished which Ippolito Pindemonte, Scipione Maffei e Ugo Foscolo.

The winery, still fully functional, was initially built by the Fattori family, later expanded and perfected by the Trezza brothers. The oenological production of Novare was already renowned at the end of the nineteenth century and it was precisely in these places, at the beginning of the twentieth century, that Amarone Classico della Valpolicella originated, owing to a forgetfulness of the cellarman.
The estate is home to the Bertani family from the 1957. In this winery, the family of Gaetano Bertani continues the family tradition of producing excellent wines, such as Amarone, Valpolicella Ripasso and Soave.

The history of Villa Mosconi Bertani

La Villa, built on a pre-existing one complex housing of the sixteenth century, was started by the family Factors around the 1735 and presents an elegant one building main in neoclassical style made by the Veronese architect Adriano Cristofoli, architect and hydraulic engineer from Verona.

It was sold unfinished at Mosconi family in the 1769, which completed theOpera giving ai territories behind the Villa the dual destination of garden e wood, defining a project in style romantico English at the suggestion of the poet Ippolito Pindemonte.

During the ownership of Mosconi the Villa It was an important one literary living room, a favorite destination for famous people such as Ippolito Pindemonte, Scipione Maffei e Ugo Foscolo.

In those years the activity was also expanded wine, already started by the Fattori family, responsible for the construction of the first large plant. Subsequently, Luigi e Cesare Trezza they expanded and perfected the cultivation enological between the 1868 and the 1931.

It was here that the 1936 was bornAmarone Classico della Valpolicella, due to an error by the cellarman who left ferment a Recioto more than necessary.

Years of abandonment and vandalism followed during the 1900, which ruined the park and some of his rooms.

La Villa it was bought e renovated in the 1957 from the family Bertani. It is currently owned by the family of Gaetano Bertani, who continues here tradition di family in wine production.

Services: wedding locations and events in Villa Veneta

Villa Mosconi Bertani, thanks to its multiple and elegant spaces, constitutes the place ideal to guarantee the perfect result of parties wedding, meeting business, private events cultural, light lunch, tastings and gala dinners.

Within the estate it is possible to celebrate civil marriages with legal value. In the interior spaces, the complex can host up to 200 people.

Numerous services they will be placed at your disposal to meet the most diverse needs, including a service catering dedicated for banquets, lunches, business dinners and gala e coffee break, service of cocktail bar, theatrical entertainment, photographic services and video footage, security services, transport and transfer e fittings specials dedicated to companies.

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Country: Italy

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