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Villa Nardi

The History of 800 in the heart of Florence
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Villa Nardi in Florence

Villa Nardi it's a historical house placed in the heart of Florence, in the vicinity of Piazzale Michelangelo very close to Porta Romana, access to the Renaissance city.

The villa is equipped with a ample internal parking and is immersed in a secular park, where you will find tall trees and flower beds that will cradle you in relaxation.

The aesthetics of the villa, both in the external design and in the internal arrangement, remained that original nineteenth century. Everything is very nice, with antique furnishings; the five wide ones suites they have private services with maximum comfort, like the Turkish bath.

Le suites they are all located on the upper floor and are connected, also via an internal lift, to the ground floor where there are common areas such as the large hall with fireplace, where are served the breakfasts and any typical Florentine dinners, often consumed together with the owners who still live in the house. The villa is also particularly suitable for holding meetings, included, buffet e ceremonies How weddings, having available large rooms and private chapel.

We are sure that at Villa Nardi you will find both privacy and comfort, together with the particular and unique family warmth that is one with one historic residence of a historic Florentine home.

The story of Villa Nardi

The historical period of Florence capital of Italy coincides with the beginning of the history of the Villa Franchetti - Nardi. With the reunification of the numerous Italian states and the consequent birth of the Kingdom of Italy, Florence is chosen as the capital from the 1865 to the 1871 before the final move to Rome.

In those years the city underwent profound transformations under the direction ofarchitect Poggi, in particular the creation of a new avenue beyond the Arno, very suggestive and panoramic to connect piazza Ferrucci a Roman gate, thus forming a large square that dominated the city: so the viale dei Colli e Piazzale Michelangelo.

The Viale dei Colli was later fought for noble residences of particular majesty and architectural merit. The architect Giuseppe Poggi he took care of the project of the Villa and of the park. The owners of the Villa were i Barons Franchetti and especially the musician Alberto (1860 - 1942) that chose this dwelling as one of the favorites.

The musician Alberto is remembered among the late representatives was originally the Verist school, even though it was almost completely forgotten. We recall among his major works, Christopher Columbus, Germany and Glaucus, the latter composed here. He was also director of the Florence Conservatory from the 1926 1928.

Alberto Franchetti he embellished the dwelling, expanding it with the construction of one dependance with function concert hall e dance.

In this period one was also built in the park stable, a chalet on two floors overlooking the Bobolino gardens, the reception square, and other small buildings like the aviary a polygonal tower in masonry and sloping roof e windows ogival decorations with fake wood.

In park we find several statues in stone and marble, a large copy of the Venus di Milo, a stone well on a large underground cistern with a brick barrel vault, a pond and a multitude of tall plants. The design of the flowerbeds is original and takes up the Italian garden.

Baron Alberto Franchetti practically furnished the villa from scratch and inserted some splendid examples of it Italian craftsmanship, with the precious advice of his brother Edoardo, famous and rich art collector and Venetian patron, owner of the Cà d'Oro, sumptuous palace on the Grand Canal and now an important museum.

Alberto's son, Raimondo, known explorer, tragically died in Africa, he married the Venetian contessina Bianca Rocca from which he had two daughters.

The history of the villa followed that of the family that had already mortgaged every property in the second post-war period. During the second World War Villa Franchetti - Nardi was the headquarters of the German commandof displaced persons and then of various tenants, was then rented bypublisher Giusti of Livorno and, later, from painter Enzo Faraoni.

Abandoned in the 60 years and reduced to bad conditions was finally purchased by dr. Gustavo Nardi that, together with his wife Guia Giacanelli and to his children Giulia, Francesco, Geri e Gea, patiently and with passionate dedication they restored it.

For its history, the architectural value, the furnishings, the peculiarities of the park and, not least, the passionate and careful restoration of the Nardi family, the villa from the 1991 has become part of the "Historical Houses of Italy" and from the end of 2009 has become a "Residenza d'Epoca", allowing himself to distinguished guests.

Services: hospitality, events location and weddings in Florence

Prices for events: Weddings, corporate events and various events, to be agreed

Hospitality prices: To be agreed upon request

Catering: With catering service

Prices for visits: To be agreed upon request

Responsible: Francesco Nardi

Places of interest nearby

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Park or garden
Bedrooms: 5
Beds: 12
Events Salons: 4
Set In Outdoors: Si
Set In Interior: Si
Set In Garden: Si
Vehicles accessibility for Events: Si
Address: Via Dante da Castiglione, 4
Postal Code: 50125
Country: Italy

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