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Villa Pandola Sanfelice

A place of history and tradition
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Villa Pandola Sanfelice in Lauro

Villa Pandola Sanfelice di Lauro stands on the ramparts of the ancient walls near the Lancellotti Castle. It is accessed from the gate of Piazzetta Teresa Sanfelice along an avenue flanked by orange and lemon trees that follows the trend of the ancient ramparts and which widens on the left into a small hill, covered by dense vegetation that includes valuable essences such as an Araucaria Imbricata more than a hundred years old and a specimen of Washingtonia palm more than thirty meters high. The garden is also home to a giant Taxus Bacchata, as well as some Yucca Elephantipes, different types of palms as well as roses, agapanthus, Japanese jasmine and other floral species.

At the entrance a large hall with a marble floor divides two halls, one called "of the Mirrors", the other "of the Battles", from the subject of the numerous paintings that adorn it, followed by a small chapel, all with of original Neapolitan majolica from XNUMXth century manufactories.

Going up the marble staircase, on the left is the "music room", with a Grand Concerto piano from the first half of the 800th century and then the "green living room", embellished with a beautiful fireplace in carved white marble, as well as, among the others, from two landscapes, one representing the mouth of the Garigliano, the other Torre Astura. Followed by a library and the main bedroom, called “dell'Ammiraglio”, furnished with original Empire style furniture.

To the right of the "music room" is the large dining room with a beautiful gray marble fireplace and, on the walls, valuable Neapolitan still lifes. All the fireplaces in the Villa are fully functional and used normally. It is followed by a modern kitchen that opens onto a large terrace covered by a wisteria pergola, while the old large kitchen is located on the ground floor inside the original building. The terrace faces West, and so having a drink while chatting with friends or having lunch in the shade of the pergola will allow you to have the splendid sunsets over the Caserta plain as a backdrop.
Also on the terrace is the "red living room" followed by two bedrooms, one with two beds and the other with a double bed. Two other bedrooms follow the “Admiral's room”, five in all, for a total of ten beds, each with its own bathroom.

On the back of the Villa a magnificent fountain, adorned with a stone coat of arms of the Orsini family, feudal lords of Lauro in the XNUMXth century, offers refreshment to those who want to immerse themselves in it on hot days.

The story of Villa Pandola Sanfelice

The Villa Pandola Sanfelice, located in Lauro on the border between the province of Naples and that of Avellino, stands on the ramparts of the ancient walls close to the Lancellotti Castle and enjoys an extraordinary view of the Vallo di Lauro and the plain of Caserta. Originally an appurtenance, dating back to the 800th century, of the ancient Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, a body of the building with halls and main stairways was added in the XNUMXth century.
It was purchased in the mid-700s by Gaetano Pandola, whose family, with a great sense of business, had achieved over time an important economic and social position.
His brother, Canon Francesco, had worked to save Lauro, who had opposed strong resistance, from the massacre and destruction by the French troops of General Championnet in 1799.
The family following the marriage of his nephew Gaetano with the Irish nobleman Emilia Higgins, sided openly in favor of liberal ideas and for the unification of Italy under the Savoy monarchy. He had strong bonds of friendship with the whole Neapolitan liberal elite, from Luigi Settembrini to Carlo Poerio, from Francesco De Sanctis to Guglielmo Capitelli. The Villa in fact contains relics, ancient military uniforms, documents and correspondences, which are occasionally the subject of themed exhibitions. They are contrasted with court clothes and evidence of the pro-Bourbon sympathies of the Sanfelice family, to whom the Villa was inherited through the marriage of the last Pandola with the Marquis Giuseppe Sanfelice di Monteforte.
These two components, liberal-Risorgimento and loyalty to the Bourbons are clearly reflected in the furnishings and memories that embellish the Villa. The history of the Pandola family, reconstructed through the documents of the archive, is contained in the book “Emilia and her, a Southern family within the Risorgimento” by Anna Sanfelice Visconti, published by Aracne Editrice International.
During the last World War, the ground floor of the Villa was requisitioned by British troops who had established a small field hospital there.
The Villa was saved from the destruction caused by the mines placed by the Germans in the retaining wall to defend their retreat by closing, with the rubble of the explosion, the main road that passes alongside it.
The current owners Anna Sanfelice Visconti di Modrone and Enrica Sanfelice Pasolini dall'Onda inherited the house in 1999 from their maternal aunt Teresa, last daughter of Giuseppe Sanfelice, who dedicated her entire life to the education of young people through music and sport. Over the course of eighteen years the heirs have restored the interior of the Villa and, with extreme care, all its furnishings, keeping intact the atmosphere and charm of a historic house lived by the many generations that preceded them.

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The Villa has five bedrooms, of which three doubles and two twins and therefore sleeps ten. Each room has its own bathroom, two with tub and three with shower as well as hot and cold air conditioning. Two folding beds for children under the age of three are available to guests free of charge. Even the
so-called "Red Lounge" is equipped with cold and warm air conditioning.
The change of linen is done once a week except for contingent needs.
In any case, the Villa has a large laundry room with hot air washer and dryer.
A couple of guardians will ensure two hours of daily cleaning and will be able to meet specific requests from guests.
The ground floor is connected to the first floor, where the bedrooms are located, with an elevator for those with walking difficulties.
The large antique kitchen is equipped with a five-burner gas stove and a large electric oven, refrigerator and dishwasher. The kitchen on the first floor features a five-burner range cooker with a large electric oven, refrigerator with freezer, microwave and dishwasher as well as small household appliances
At guests' disposal there are two televisions connected to a satellite antenna.

Places of interest nearby

The Villa is located in a particularly favorable position for excursions to the places of major tourist interest in Campania; Caserta and its Royal Palace, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplonti, the Amalfi coast, are a maximum of one hour away as well as the notable, although less known, Roman Amphitheater and Mitreo di Santa Maria Capua Vetere, the Palaces and the Cathedral of Capua and the splendid Lombard Basilica of Santa Maria
in Formis. A short or very short distance away are also the early Christian basilica complex of Cimitile, the Roman Villa of the XNUMXst century AD, the early medieval frescoes of Pernosano, the magnificent Lancellotti Castle and the other monuments of Lauro. Not to mention, of course, Naples and its art treasures, which are no more than thirty-five kilometers from the Villa. For those who want to go further, the Temples of Paestum and the magnificent Certosa di Padula will reward those willing to travel a few tens of kilometers more.

Swimming pool
Pets allowed
Park or garden
Bedrooms: 5
Beds: 10
Events Salons: 2
Places For Events: 80
Set In Outdoors: Si
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Set In Garden: Si
Vehicles accessibility for Events: Si
Address: Via Terra, 17
Postal Code: 83023
Country: Italy

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