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Villa Pizzo

Between history and charm, a unique place in Cernobbio on Lake Como
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Villa Pizzo, charming residence on Lake Como

villa Pizzo dockVilla Pizzo, built on a rocky spur between Cernobbio and Moltrasio, is fully visible only from the lake. The architecture of the residence is characterized by great dryness and linearity, in the squared but never squat volumes, in the rhythmic distribution of the floors, in the sober decorations on the facade. The architect's intervention is in great balance with the irregular nature of the place.

The garden that extends at the level of the two main buildings, the main villa and a building to the east is organized in the Italian style, with orderly paths that run between flower beds, hedges and baroque fountains. On the western side stands the old dock that opens onto the Villa d'Este basin while the new one, built by the Volpi-Bassani, dominates the Moltrasio basin up to the tip of Torno.

The largest park is easily accessed from the so-called “Ceppo”, just beyond the outbuilding of Villa d'Este. From here a small path, once called "in Genoa" due to the mild climate, offers a succession of exotic plants, agaves, orchids and other rare plants that climb up to the steep cliff; from here continue along the "Viale dei cipressi" with an artificial cave with water features. After walking along the avenue, the park turns north-east towards Moltrasio, through a dense vegetation of tall trees.

Everywhere avenues and paths intersect creating an arabesque that takes place between bridges, pools of water and streams. In the middle of the park, the fountain in honor of Volta makes a fine show, surrounded by the false ruins of a classical temple.


villa Pizzo frescoesVilla Pizzo takes its name from the rocky spur on which it stands: Piz in the Como dialect means its tip or projection. The land for the construction of the villa was purchased in the XNUMXth century by the Mugiasca family, who jealously guarded Il Pizzo for over four hundred years.

Among the crucial moments of the Mugiasca property, we remember the Manzoni plague of 1629 which saw Pizzo become a refuge for many men and women fleeing from the infected cities. It was on this occasion that, taking advantage of the manpower of the many present, the terraces on which today the large park of Villa Pizzo extends. Among the illustrious personalities who frequented the Villa during the Mugiasca property was also the well-known scientist Alessandro Volta, remembered by a commemorative monument that the owners had built following his death in 1827.

This is the very first historical monument dedicated to Volta. When the Mugiasca family died out, it was Ranieri d'Asburgo, viceroy of Lombardy-Veneto, who bought the property. He found in Pizzo the ideal resting place and refuge from the complex political events of the time.

Viceroy Ranieri arrived at Pizzo not alone, but accompanied by the well-known landscape architect Villoresi, former designer of the Villa Reale in Monza, who gave a unique and definitive structure to the large park around the Villa. Following the turbulent political events of the late nineteenth century that materialized in the Moti of 48, the viceroy left the Villa which was bought by the charming Parisian madame Elise Musard, who dipped a recognizable feminine touch to the Villa by dyeing it pink, as it remained until to date. When Madame Musard tragically left the Villa, the
Volpi-Bassani family bought it and lived it respecting the architectural and stylistic choices of the past and adding elements of great value that can still be admired today in the park such as the family Mausoleum, built by well-known architect Luca Beltrami and the large dock, which overlooks the lake offering a wonderful panoramic view.

The simple and geometric architecture of the Villa, with the sobriety of its decorations that intersect well with the irregularity and variety of shapes, colors and styles of the garden, combined with the uniqueness of the history and events that followed one another in Villa Pizzo over the centuries, they have made Pizzo a unique place on Lake Como.

Charming location for weddings in Cernobbio

Villa Pizzo can be rented for private events and weddings. The halls overlooking the lake and the Italian garden make the villa an exclusive location for charming receptions.


It is possible to participate in guided tours organized according to a monthly calendar (click here) or book a guided tour for groups, based on the availability of visitors and the Villa.


Price for a guided tour: 15 euros
Children under 10: free
Students and under 18: 10 euros

ADSI members: 10 euros

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