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The art and nature of the Ligurian countryside
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Villa Pratola in Santo Stefano di Magra

Villa Pratola is located in Santo Stefano di Magra (in the province of La Spezia) where it was built in the eighteenth century in baroque style by the Remedi family of Sarzana, of ancient Lunigiana origins, invested with the title of Marquis by Emperor Charles VI in 1720. With its striking architecture and numerous windows and doors overlooking the olive trees of the countryside and the garden rich in Mediterranean flora, the villa allows its visitors to travel a journey through the life and fashion of three hundred years ago. The heirs of Remedi, still owners of the villa, have taken care of the total renovation and modernization and offer it to those who can appreciate the setting of happy events in a special country setting.
Villa Pratola presents itself as a setting for the parties that take place in the surrounding garden, where it is possible to discover the innumerable passages between the internal rooms and the natural environment, to spend memorable moments, accompanied by the musicality of the architectural lines of the house and from the aromas of the flowering plants of the garden, capable of reviving the atmosphere of the time when the villa was built.

The history of Villa Pratola

Villa Pratola was built in Baroque style in the mid-eighteenth century by the Marquis Remedi of Sarzana, at the foot of the hill on which stands Ponzano Magra, today a hamlet of Santo Stefano di Magra (SP), but, at the time of building the villa, autonomous village with its own statutes.

The Remedies had purchased land and buildings in Ponzano, engaging in the construction of works for the population and in the beautification of their building. The building of the villa was also part of this commitment by the Marquises, who had made use of artists from nearby Carrara who had protected them, who had outlined their façade, inspired by the architecture of the 18th century Rome Artistic Accademies. marble sculptural decorations. In all cases, it was an unusual building for Lunigiana, for the originality of its architecture.
At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the villa was enriched with neoclassical decorations, to adapt it to new fashions and, at the beginning of the twentieth century, adapted to be inhabited continuously throughout the year. Over the last decade, it has undergone a conservative restoration operation under the supervision of the Superintendency for Environmental and Architectural Heritage of Genoa, in order to update its facilities and facilities to what is necessary for the realization of events.


Following the complete conservation restoration, Villa Pratola is proposed as a location of absolute prestige in the valley of the Magra. It is a short distance from the exit of the A12 / A15 of Santo Stefano di Magra, easily reachable from La Spezia, Massa, Carrara, Pontremoli, Forte dei Marmi, Lucca, Genoa, Parma. Villa Pratola is proposed for events and celebrations:

Private events

- marriages,
- baptisms,
- communions,
- birthday parties,
- social lunches
- appetizers
- card tournaments

Corporate and public events

- conventions,
- conferences,
- lunches
- team building
- cultural events,
- concerts and art exhibitions, but also product exhibitions and meetings of various kinds.

Events can be organized both inside the villa and in the garden:
on the ground floor there are 3 lounges, which can accommodate up to a maximum of 160 people seated: the main hall can host up to 120 people;
in the garden it is possible to host up to 300 people seated, using complementary structures that can be installed comfortably.
The villa is easily accessible using normal means of transport and allows the easy installation of various musical or electronic instruments in the interior rooms.
For refreshments, catering services are planned. For those interested, Villa Pratola has selected some specialized companies with which it collaborates in order to provide its guests with a service able to meet the most varied needs. Guests can still select alternative companies of their own trust.
It is also possible to organize concerts in the internal hall which guarantees a rather good acoustics and the enjoyment of glimpses of the surrounding natural environment.
As entertainment for the guests of the villa it is possible to organize guided tours with experts of history and art history of the Lunigiana.

Places of interest nearby

Villa Pratola is close to many magnificent places:
Sarzana, ancient historical center that hosts numerous cultural entertainment initiatives: 5 Km
Spice, with its beautiful long sea from which boats leave for the island Palmaria and the Cinque Terre and the brand new Porto Mirabello: 12 Km
Lerici: town in the Gulf of La Spezia, with colorful houses, restaurants and beaches: 11 Km
Portovenere: one of the most beautiful places on the Ligurian coast, on the Gulf of La Spezia, towards the Cinque Terre: 26 Km
Forte dei Marmi: 40 Km
Carrara, home of marble: 25 Km
Pasta, rich in monuments of the Baroque period of great value: 30 Km
Pontremoli, ancient Lunigiana village: 30 Km
Cinque Terre: Riomaggiore to 27 Km

Park or garden
Events Salons: 3
Places For Events: 160
Set In Outdoors: No
Set In Interior: No
Set In Garden: No
Vehicles accessibility for Events: No
Phone: +39 328 4136100
Address: Fraction Ponzano Madonnetta - Via Cisa Sud, 290
Postal Code: 19035
Country: Italy
Phone: +39 328 4136100

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