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Villa Ridolfi

Immersed in a centuries-old park, a Venetian residence for unforgettable stays
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Villa Ridolfi, Tower of Terzolan

The estate consists of the Tower and the adjacent farmhouse, surrounded by agricultural land planted with vineyards and olive groves. The property is surrounded by high ancient walls and the two structures are immersed in a park with tall trees, precious essences, cedars of Lebanon, cypresses, among which a centuries-old specimen considered among the oldest in Italy, whose planting is dated around 1492, hence the name of Columbus.

In the park, the swimming pool, hundreds of roses and many varieties of hedge trees. On the top of the estate an upstream source and a system of channels that cross the estate. The small eighteenth-century chapel on the north side and the fascinating underground cellar with stone faces complete the structure.


The main building dates back to 1600, but in reality the original tower dates back to 1300, probably the hunting tower of the Scaligeri. It is quite difficult to establish when the farmhouse was built but, both for the construction method and for the square plan, it would seem fifteenth century. Some historical notes refer to various and subsequent extensions of the structure. At the beginning of 1813, the last works of the Ridolfi family were made, as reported by the large plaque placed on the San Michelian facade.


the residence "Torre di Terzolan" welcomes the visitor in elegant rooms, offering peace and rest in an enchanted and memorable place. There are four suites.

The Cellar

Terzolan cellar towerLa Cantina, a fascinating place made of arches, stone and silence. A small scale reveals an ancient world. Wine has always been produced in this secular architecture. Torre di Terzolan keeps the secrets of winemaking here. Time regains its natural beat. In the ancient portico Torre di Terzolan it withers its grapes in a natural way. This fascinating architecture favors the passage of the fresh air currents of the Val Squaranto. In the vineyard, the hand-selected bunches are placed in small trays and taken to the cellar where they will rest until optimal drying is achieved.


Swimming pool
Park or garden
Beds: 10
Events Salons: 2
Set In Outdoors: No
Set In Interior: No
Set In Garden: No
Vehicles accessibility for Events: No
Phone: +39 045988044
Address: Via Trezzolano, 4
Country: Italy
Phone: +39 045988044

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