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Villa Sant'Angelo in Panzo

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Villa Sant'Angelo in Panzo in Assisi

Sant'Angelo in Panzo it was built around the Xth century on the ruins of a Roman settlement and its long existence, which is part of the historical, artistic and religious heritage of Assisi, it was a convent, an abandoned hermitage, a patrician residence, a rural house. However, it has always maintained its original structure with the church and its springs that gave water to Assisi since Roman times through tunnels dug into the rock and still visible.

Sant'Angelo in Panzo was the first Convent of Santa Chiara who, after being joined by his sister Santa Agnese, performed here, according to legend, his first miracle. Historic home, is considered one of the most interesting abodes of Umbria and Assisi.

Sant'Angelo in Panzo is surrounded by centenarian olive groves that produce one of the best organic oils from Umbria.

The history of Villa Sant'Angelo

The toponym Panzo derives from the Latin name Pantius and the name of the monastery, S. Angelo in Panzo, derives from a church dedicated to the cult of St. Michael the Archangel built on land belonging to an owner with that name.

The current convent, located about two kilometers from Assisi on the slopes of the Mount Subasio, was built around the tenth century on the ruins of a Roman settlement. Some Latin inscriptions related to gens Propertia (Propertius was assisano) were found in the foundations of the primitive church.

At the beginning of the twelfth century it was a monastery when, in March of 1212, Saint Francis, friar Philip e friar Bernardo, they accompanied you Santa Chiara recently escaped from home. Santa Chiara was then joined by her sister St. Agnes and the family, irritated, sent Uncle Monaldo with others to bring her home even by force. It tells the legend of the first miracle of Santa Chiara that the body of Santa'Agnese became so heavy that they could not lift it, while the arm of the uncle raised to beat her remained paralyzed.

Santa Chiara later moved to San Damiano and Panzo became an important Clariano convent that, about a century later, moved inside the walls of Assisi for security reasons, as did other settlements around the city.

S. Angelo in Panzo was thus reduced to hermitage seeds abandoned until the beginning of the millese hundred when it was purchased by the Bonacquisti, an important family from Assisi, who restored it to transform it into a palace, also rebuilding the old church of the convent as attested by an inscription inside it.

The Bonacquis became extinct at the end of the nineteenth century and, due to various troubles, the building was used as a farmhouse until the 1950 when the current owners restored it.

S. Angelo in Panzo is also famous for his source who gave water to Assisi since Roman times through a tunnel, partially still visible, that arrived inside the city.

The olive grove that surrounds the house is known for the excellent quality of its organic oil e baptism.

Historic home, is considered among the most interesting abodes of Umbria and certainly the only one of Assisi, a city known in the world and visited every year by millions of tourists and from secular and religious elites. Although not open to the public, there is no denying entry to the many who wish to see it church and walls of Santa Chiara.

Every room has valuable furnishings and library it counts further six thousand books.

Services: wedding locations and events in Assisi

Sant'Angelo in Panzo and its private church, where, according to legend, Santa Chiara made her first miracle, is a place full of history, ideal for weddings, private ceremonies e cultural events.

Tasting and sale of oil can be organized.

Park or garden
Events Salons: 3
Places For Events: 80
Set In Outdoors: Si
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Vehicles accessibility for Events: No
Address: Via San Rufino Campagna, 18 A
Postal Code: 06081
Country: Italy

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