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Veiled Christ - Sansevero Chapel

Posted by user1131 on July 17, 2015
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Within the Chapel of Sansevero there is certainly one of the greatest sculptural masterpieces in the world, as well as an artistic and symbolic jewel in the heart of Naples. A Veiled Christ marble lying on a mattress and covered with a shroud, always wet in marble.

Raimondo di Sangro, seventh prince of Sansevero, famous scientist and alchemist, from the 40 700 years reorganized the Chapel according to entirely new and personal criteria, giving office in the 1753, Giuseppe Sanmartino, young Neapolitan artist, to realize Our Lord Jesus Christ died, covered by a transparent shroud realized by the same block of the statue, life size.

The artist sculpts, molds the lifeless body, which the soft blankets collect mercifully, on which the tormented, convulsive rhythms of the folds of the veil affect a profound suffering, as if the pitiful cover made the poor limbs even more naked and exposed, even more inexorable and precise the lines of the tormented body.

On the forehead it is possible to glimpse a swollen vein, the piercings of the nails on the feet and on the thin hands, the costato dug and relaxed finally in the liberating death that the artist finely sculpts in a dramatic evocation, that makes of the suffering of Christ the symbol of the destiny and the redemption of the whole humanity.

At the foot of the sculpture, finally, the artist also sculpts the instruments of this torture: the crown of thorns, a pincer and nails

Curiosity: Antonio Canova, having tried - unsuccessfully - to buy the work, he declared himself willing to give ten years of his life just to be the author of such a masterpiece.


Contacts: Sansevero Chapel Museum, via Francesco De Sanctis, 19/21 - 80134 Naples

For information and registration: 081 5518470