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Posted by user1131 on May 11, 2015
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The history of the exhibition center of the Capitoline Museums in former Giovanni Montemartini thermoelectric plant, an extraordinary example of industrial archeology converted into a museum, it began in 1997 with the transfer of hundreds of sculptures during the restructuring of large sectors of the Capitoline complex.

To free the spaces of the Museum of the Palazzo dei Conservatori, Museo Nuovo and Braccio Nuovo keeping the works accessible to the public, in fact in the 1997 in the renovated rooms of the first Roman public power plant, an exhibition entitled "The machines and the gods", bringing together two diametrically opposed worlds such as classical archeology and industrial archeology.

In an evocative game of contrasts, masterpieces of ancient sculpture and precious artifacts found in the excavations of the late nineteenth and thirties of 1900 were exhibited alongside the old production machinery of the plant, with the reconstruction of large monumental complexes and the illustration of the development of the ancient city from the republican age to the late imperial age.

The splendid museum space, initially conceived as temporary, on the occasion of the return of a part of the Campidoglio sculptures in the 2005, at the end of the renovation works, has been confirmed as the permanent home of the most recent collections of the Capitoline Museums.

His work continues in his spaces experimentation of new display solutions linked to scientific research on the finds; the juxtaposition of works from the same context also makes it possible to restore the link between the museum and the ancient urban fabric.

The museum itself is part of a larger project by retraining of the Ostiense Marconi area, which provides for the conversion into a cultural pole of the oldest industrialized area of ​​the city of Rome (including, in addition to the Montemartini power plant, the Slaughterhouse, the Gazometro, port structures, the former Mira Lanza and the former markets Generali) with the definitive structure of the universities of Roma Tre and the creation of the City of Science.

Address: Centrale Montemartini, via Ostiense 106 - 00154 Rome