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Genova's aquarium

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Posted by user1131 on July 21, 2015
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The Genova's aquarium and the largest Italian aquarium, according to Europe only to that of Valencia. It is found at Ponte Spinola, immersed in the sixteenth century ancient port of Genoa.

Opened in 1992 on the occasion of Colombiadi - Expo celebrating the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America. - over the years it has undergone changes and, above all, extensions; from the inauguration to the whole 2014 has been visited from beyond 25 million of tourists.

Following the inauguration, the structure was enlarged a first time in the 1998 using the spaces of the hull of a ship which contains many open pools of tropical and Mediterranean environment on the biodiversity.

La total area it's 27.000 square meters and they're hosted around 15.000 animals di 400 species different: fish, marine mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibia e invertebrates.

Il visit path, lasting about 2 hours and 30 minutes includes 70 tubs, to which are added the 4 in the open air of the Cetacean Pavilion, designed by the architect Renzo Piano, inaugurated in 2013 and which allows, among other things, to admire the Dolphins both from above, thanks to a great one glass wall with a window that can be opened, both from one underwater perspective Thanks to a glass tunnel.

Furthermore, the public can attend, twice a day, to the dolphin meal while being taught to a trainer on the curiosities and information related to the biology of the animals and the daily work necessary for their maintenance.

Once a month is proposed "Night with the Sharks", which provides, for a maximum of 35 participants aged between 7 and 13 years, to sleep in front of the shark tank, to discover everything about the nocturnal behavior of these extraordinary predators

Ponte Spinola, 16128 Genoa

Hours: 8.30-20.00

Phone: 010 23451

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