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Cave of the Arene Candide

Cave of the Arene Candide

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Cave of the Arene Candide

Posted by user1131 on May 12, 2015
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La Cave of the Arene Candide it's a archaeological site in a natural cave, in Finale Ligure. The Candidate Arenas were white sand dunes put together by the winds of the last ice age.

The dry environment has favored the conservation of moli archaeological finds; in fact, in the cave they have been found nineteen burials, preserved in an excellent way, and therefore of immense value for the purposes of anthropological studies.

The archaeological excavations carried out until now have led to the conclusion that the structure was used as necropolis. The treatment received by the ten buried men and eight children is different from that received by women, almost absent (only three women received burial in the cave). The women are buried apart, with no trousseau. The skeleton of the woman is never complete, it is always missing from the skull, and often also from other parts.

The cave is now located on the upper edge of the western edge of the former Ghigliazza quarry, about 90 m above sea level, towards which it has three large openings that make it, relatively like today, relatively light and dry.

Today it is possible to visit the cave, through an access from the top of the cave, with a path - via Borgio - of about 30 minutes walk.