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Museum of Fossils Monte San Giorgio

Museum of Fossils Monte San Giorgio

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Posted by user1131 on July 17, 2015
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A visit in the Civic Museum of Fossils, to the territory in which it is naturally inserted and to the fossil museum, will allow you to discover the evocative charm of a world now lost and dating back over 200 millions of years ago.

Il Monte San Giorgio, located at the foot of the Southern Alps, between Canton Ticino and the areas of the mountains Pravello e She-bear is surrounded by the two southern branches of the Lake Ceresio.

It reaches its maximum altitude at 1097 meters altitude in Swiss territory.

Il Monte San Giorgio it is certainly one of the most important and famous deposits di marine fossils dating back to the period of Triassic medium (247-237 millions of years ago).

Compared to other fields of certain world fame, which normally have a single level fossiliferous, attributed to a precise moment of the geological history - the Monte San Giorgio it has at least five different levels, each of which can contain more than one association fossil.

This aspect, certainly unique and particular, allows the evolutionary study, over several million years, of certain groups of organisms of the same environment.

To date, from these five layers have been extracted over 20.000 fossil, including 25 species of reptiles, 50 species of fish and over 100 species of invertebrates.

I fossil of this mountain, exceptional not only for the variety but also for the excellent state of conservation, have been found and analyzed starting from 1850.

The international recognition of this field has been confirmed by its inclusion on the World Heritage List of theUNESCO.

Address: Via Prestini, 5 - 21050 Besano (VA)
Telephone: 349 2182498 - 349 3257881

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