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Cathedral of Sant'Evasio

Cathedral of Sant'Evasio

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Posted by user1131 on July 20, 2015
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Il Cathedral of Sant'Evasio, an important example of cathedral in style Lombard-Romanesque, represents the oldest monument of Casale Monferrato.

He was consecrated in the 1107 by the then Pope Pasquale II and dedicated to the saints Evasio, Proietto, Christmas and San Lorenzo. In the same place where the building stands today there was a lives dedicated to Jupiter, dating back to the first century AD.

In the course of the 1215 conflict between Casale he Alessandrini, the Vercellesi, the Pavesi and the Milanesi, the complex he was burned and subsequently suffered a restoration total in the fifties of the nineteenth century; edited by the Vercelli architect Edoardo Arborio Mella, by the bishop's will Luigi Nazari of Calabiana, of the architect and archaeologist Luigi Canina and of the abbot Antonio Rosmini.

It is still one of the most important today cathedrals in Romanesque-Lombard style present in the region Piedmont.

It is characterized, in particular, by the striking monumental and luminous gabled facade in sandstone and bricks, completely adorned with mullioned e trifore and closed between two ancient ones bell thirteenth century.

Posed at the top, on the two columns of the main entrance, copy of the statues King's Liutprando and of the regina Teodolinda; the originals are kept in the ambulatory of theapse.

To underline the importance and the uniqueness of the Narthex, absolutely not usual in the area; buildings of this kind are in fact found in Georgia and in Armenia.

Based on the theories developed by some scholars, the presence of this work is due to the use of labor Saracen, which was located at Monferrato as a prisoner of war following the aleramic marquises or according to others ai Knights Templar, which at the time resided in Santa Maria del Tempio.

The interior of the building, dominated by the large crucifix with Christ "in majesty", built in silver and semi-precious stones, work medieval of an anonymous artist, consists of five naves with barrel vaults and cruise and from a matroneum with loggias a trifore e quadrifore.

In the first Altar on the left is the statue of the "Magdalene in ecstasy", Work of the sculptor Giovan Battista Bernero along with other works by Ambrogio Volpi and paintings depicting Saint Lucia, Saint Agatha and Saint Apollonia di di Guglielmo Caccia, called the moncalvo and on the basin of the apse paintings of Giovanni Sereno.

In the corridor of the sacristy you can admire mosaics dating back to the eleventh century which, among other things, represent the victory of Abraham, the death of Nicanore, a chimera, Jonah swallowed by the fish, the boat or the ark of Sant'Evasio.

On the right side of the cathedral is the Chapel elliptical dedicated to Sant'Evasio, patron of the city and of the diocese, the architect's work Benedetto Alfieri. The work of the chapel, started in the mid-eighteenth century, which was inaugurated in 1808, in period Napoleonic.

At the center, at the top, there is a urn containing the body of the martyr in gold and silver with four sides reliefs depicting salient episodes of his life: episcopal ordination, preaching, martyrdom and the translation of the relics from Alexandria a Casale Monferrato.

At the center of the vault is a painting depicting the glory of the martyr.

Largo Monsignor Giuseppe Angrisani, 1
Casale Monferrato AL

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