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Luigi Boldrini Paleontological Museum

Posted by user1131 on May 12, 2015
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In the structure of the Boldrini Paleontological Museum, specially made and that counts further 3000 square metersis exposed one of the largest collections at European level of finds fossil of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects dating back to the Lower Pleistocene (1,6-1,4 millions of years ago).

The remains of large mammals are exposed in the "Cradles" (so are the nuclei that contain the fossils in the excavation position), surrounded by a preparation thought so communicative e didactic.

The exhibits have been partially restored and we will continue to do so even in the open museum, since there is a planned one restoration workshop inside of.

The fossils come from a great one lignite field located a short distance from the museum and the title of the museum recalls the mine employee who first picked up and saved the important discovery from destruction.

Mining activity developed in Pietrafitta basin, with its baggage of "industrial archeology", understood not only as the history of the works and machinery used by industry, but above all as the events of those who worked in the mine and therefore the social history of a particular industrial and geographical area, constitutes a another element confirming the cultural importance of the area.