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Posted by user1131 on July 21, 2015
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Located in the municipality of Arquà Petrarca, in the province of Padova.

The original structure of thebuilding it was two hundred and it was right Francesco Petrarch, in 1369, when he received it as a gift from the then Lord of Padua, Francesco il Vecchio from Carrara, to preside over all the works of restoration.

The house, originally composed of two bodies, was modified by the poet which he had open on the facade some windows transforming it into one accommodation composed of two residential units and reserving as one's own home the raised floor of thebuilding.

Il complex on the right, instead, it was destined for servitude and services.

In five hundred la Petrarch's house it became the property of Pietro Paolo Valdezocco.

In this period the loggia in Renaissance style and the external staircase. The walls will be painted with tempera depicting scenes inspired by the Song book, To Triumphs andAfrica; in honor of the works of the Petrarch.

Years of decay followed, but the house continued to be the destination of famous people such as theAlfieri and Foscolo.

The last owner, the cardinal Pietro Silvestri, ceded it in the 1875, to the Municipality of Padova.

To date there are still preserved closet where the poet died, with the chair and the bookcase that - it is said - are those original.

Also to remember the niche in which is kept the cat's mummy that apparently belonged to the poet.

Although the house has undergone considerable changes over the centuries, its current arrangement dates back to the restorations made between the 1919 and the 1923 when the Municipality of Padova he had the most important original aspects restored; in particular theaccesso and the windows Gothic.

Although the urban aspect surrounding thebuilding it has changed over the centuries, what remains surely unchanged and highly suggestive, it is the evocative power that the casa it arouses in itself, with the complicity of a landscape which is more or less the same as admired by poet.

Address: Via Valleselle, Arquà Petrarca PD
Phone: 0429 718294

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