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Arsenal of Venice

Posted by user1131 on May 12, 2015
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THEArsenal of Venice constitutes a very large part of the island city of Venice, in Italy, and was the heart of the Venetian naval industry from Twelfth century.

It is related to the most flourishing period of the life of the Serene: thanks to the impressive ships built here, Venice managed to counteract the Turks in the Aegean Sea and to conquer the northern European routes.

From 6 February 2013 the ownership of the Arsenale passed from the Italian state property to the Municipality of Venice. There Italian Navy is present in the Arsenal with its Institute of Maritime Military Studies and the Naval History Museum.

The Arsenal of Venice anticipated the modern factory concept, understood as a production complex in which specialized workers carry out the individual assembly operations of a product in succession, along an assembly line and using standard components. It represents the most important example of large production complex a centralized structure of the economy preindustrial.

Surface it extended over an area of ​​46 hectares, while the number of workers (the "Arsenalotti") reached, in periods of full production activity, the average daily quota of 1500-2000 units (with a peak of 4500-5000 enrolled in the Book of workers), i.e. from 2% up to 5% of the entire city population of the time (about 100.000 inhabitants).

The large rooms of the Corderie of the Arsenale they are used as one of the exhibition venues of the Venice Biennial, as well as for some small shipbuilding activities and other minor activities.