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National Day of ADSI

Posted by Giorgio Hardouin on October 15, 2020
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National Day of Italian Historic Houses

Now in its X Edition, la National Day dell 'Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane is now an expected event in the panorama of Italian cultural events.

Discover the openings on Sunday 4 October at the link:


This year will be a very special edition, not only for the period we are in but above all because, now in its tenth year, the initiative is enriched by the collaboration with Italian Federation of Friends of Museums (Fidam) e the National Association of Memory Houses. 
Even more, therefore, the ADSI National Day will be an opportunity to raise awareness of the role that historic houses - constituting a single network that gives life to the largest museum spread throughout the territory - have had in the past and continue to have today. , not only from a socio-cultural point of view, but also from an economic point of view.
These splendid period residences, in fact, are often the main element of attraction for Italian and foreign tourists for small villages and not only for the renowned cities of art. According to a recent study by the Bruno Visentini Foundation, 54% of these properties are located in municipalities with less than 20.000 inhabitants and, in particular, in 29% of cases in villages with less than 5.000 residents. A reality that, therefore, in many cases have developed and nourished over time a socio-economic fabric closely connected with the life and history of these residences: the ADSI National Day, therefore, also wants to be an opportunity to remember the role of all those professional figures - from artisans to restorers, from gardeners to glass masters - who work alongside the custodian owners of these assets and without whom it would not be possible to guarantee the correct maintenance of historic houses, their gardens and the art objects that adorn them . In fact, providing for continuous restoration work and constant care of these buildings means contributing to the decor of the streets, squares and districts in which they are located, increasing their safety and vitality. In summary, it means defining the attractiveness, the quality of historic centers and territories, without forgetting the opportunities, including employment, that could open up for young people in the territories.
There are numerous and very varied initiatives promoted by the owners in the area for the National Day, from exhibitions to concerts and theatrical performances, to intercept the needs of the public of all ages.
Finally, it is important to remember that to always ensure maximum compliance with the security measures provided for in the current context and at the same time allow all visitors to enjoy these enchanting places, rich in history and culture, it is necessary to book the own visit. 

National Association of Historic Houses

The Italian Historical Dwellings Association, a non-profit organization recognized as a non-profit organization, is the association that brings together the owners of historic residences present throughout Italy.

Born in 1977, the Association currently has about 4.500 members and represents a significant component of the historical and artistic heritage of our country.

The Association promotes awareness-raising activities to promote the preservation, enhancement and management of historic homes, so that these buildings, of historical-artistic value and interest to the community, can be protected and handed down to future generations in the best conditions.

This commitment is aimed in three directions: towards the shareholders themselves, owners of the assets, the central and territorial institutions, competent on the various aspects of conservation and public opinion, interested in the protection and enhancement of the country's cultural heritage.


website: www.associazionedimorestoricheitaliane.it

Twitter: @dimorestoriche

Facebook: Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane