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Posted by Giorgio Hardouin on October 20, 2020
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Travels after the Covid-19 emergency: discovering Italy with historic homes

After the Covid-19 emergency we will have a great desire to restart and rediscover the pleasure of traveling, of being outdoors and in the midst of nature. Living still in our homes for months is making us reflect on many aspects related to the lifestyles we had before the fateful lockdown. We are finally understanding how important nature is, being able to take a walk and rejoice in front of the multitude of beauties that our country offers us.

The time has come for open your eyes to the testimonies of the past that until now we have not fully appreciated. Ancient houses, castles, towers, lighthouses, archaeological areas, villages, museums, are places that have much to tell and that are waiting to be visited.

We look out of the windows of our balconies and hear the clean air, the noises have decreased, the car traffic has disappeared, the phones ring less.  We are rediscovering slow styles and rhythms of life, marked by the passage of time and which leads us to give greater attention and value to the many small things that life gives us every day.

We need to turn this emergency into an opportunity to review how it is where to seek happiness and our well-being.

Traveling in Italy

Traveling represents one of the best treatments to find peace of mind and go against happiness! It takes very little to feel good, Italy is a country that has given to the citizens of the world infinite corners to explore and discover.

With this article we want to give you the opportunity to have a useful tool that can help you plan a vacation, a weekend or a simple visit to hundreds of extraordinary places located along the whole Peninsula.

Italy is a wonderful country, full of hidden corners that hold unique beauties that the whole world envies. We often believe that the most beautiful journeys are also the most distant, but this is not the case. Those lucky enough to live in Italy can discover, from North to South, incredible nearby places that will allow you to spend unforgettable moments. The Dolomites, the Val di Noto, the Euganean Hills, the Salento, the Maremma, the Etna, the Castelli Romani, the Chianti, the Monferrato, the Val d'Orcia, the Aeolian Islands, the Terre Marsicane, the Brianza .. just a few examples of Italian territories to visit rich in history and culture.

Art, excellent food and wine, craftsmanship and unspoiled nature are the main ingredients of a unique cultural heritage in the world.

Staying in historic homes

Traveling in Italy staying in historic houses will allow you to discover unique places far from large mass tourist flows; you will live the unforgettable experience of being in direct contact with history, art, nature and ancient traditions.

Traveling also means being aware of what you are visiting; a holiday in a historic residence gives you the opportunity to understand the territory where it is located in depth. These ancient houses were silent sentinels of the Italian landscape and contain a great deal of information on the history of these places.

Traveling, therefore, to know, to grow and to give due recognition to cultural assets that deserve more attention from all of us. Italy is the country of small towns, hamlets, villages of a few hundred inhabitants; a territory that deserves to be explored thoroughly and with the right interest.

Click here to choose a home to stay.

Help support local economies

Traveling in small towns, in addition to enriching our knowledge of Italy, also means to contribute to the livelihoods of local economies. The help of those who choose to travel to places outside the major tourist circuits is very important. We are talking about real places, where, thanks to the work of skilled artisans, ancient knowledge fundamental for the Italian cultural identity is kept alive. In these centers you can rediscover the flavors of times gone by with the best local products; genuine products made with the utmost respect for nature and its rhythms.

You can support local crafts. The unique pleasure of discovering where the soul of the real made in Italy lives.

Rediscover the countryside

Most of the historic houses are located in the countryside, thanks to their presence the Italian landscape has been preserved by the advance of modern construction. By exploring our site you can choose to plan your holiday in hundreds of ancient farmhouses, castles, farms and villas surrounded by greenery and unspoiled nature. You can get in touch with historic farms and benefit from stays combined with the tastings of the wines from historic cellars.