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Posted by Giorgio Hardouin on December 4, 2020
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DREAM & CHARME is the only Certification Body accredited by ACCREDIA * according to the International Standard ISO17065 at an international level for the "evaluation and certification of accommodation facilities".

* ACCREDIA is the single national accreditation body designated by the Italian Government, in application of the European Regulation 765/2008, to certify the competence, independence and impartiality of the certification, inspection and verification bodies, and of the testing and calibration laboratories. Accredia is a recognized association that operates non-profit, under the supervision of the Ministry of Economic Developmentwww.accredia.it

DREAM & CHARME is therefore officially authorized by Accredia with the DCA seal, which means Dream & Charme Assurance, to verify and certify accommodation according to the D&C Standard: 2020.

The commitment for ADSI Members

DREAM & CHARME's commitment to ADSI members is to guarantee the characteristics of their residences to guests, agencies and visitors with the DCA Certification, providing even greater certainty, reliability and safety, a real guarantee recognized and regulated thanks to accreditation. .

This also has the purpose both of differentiating the ADSI DCA certified Historic Houses from all the self-referential residences that therefore have no real guarantees provided by an independent, impartial and accredited body such as Dream & Charme and to give a contribution to ADSI members for the resumption of the opening. and the use of Historic Houses in 2021 and to follow by visitors and guests.

How to get DCA certification

The DCA Certification is obtained with three phases of activity:

1) preliminary check

2) initial audit

3) issue of the DCA Certification

Audits can also be carried out with the Dimora closed as it is a "product" certification and any services provided by the Dimora staff are not evaluated.

As an accredited Certification Body, Dream & Charme can carry out the audits remotely with the collaboration of the owner and the staff he has appointed at the Dimora, this further reduces costs, thus not generating any travel expenses for the auditors.

The evaluation requirements are over 800 and concern the configuration of the Residence, the number of rooms, the wifi connection speed, the size of the pool if available, accessories, furnishings, etc. but also the plant engineering part, the parks and gardens, the position and accesses, maintenance, etc.

The DCA Auditors

Dream & Charme has a specialized team composed of inspectors certified by accredited bodies for the certification of people (in accordance with ISO17024, ISO19011 and trained on the D&C Standard: 2020).

The auditors will carry out a careful, accurate and impartial analysis. At the end of the audit, the Lead Auditor will prepare the audit report that will be submitted to the Certification Committee for its ratification and for the issue of the DCA Certificate.

Duration of DCA certification

The DCA certification is valid for three years from the date of issue and requires a maintenance audit every 12 months.

The partnership with ADSI

Thanks to the partnership with ADSI, Dream & Charme offers ADSI members favorable conditions both for obtaining the DCA Certification and for maintaining it during the three years of validity.

The benefits of DCA certification

According to a recent international survey, tourists of the near future will prefer certified and guaranteed residences over unsecured ones and therefore theoretically "at risk".

The advantages of the DCA Certification therefore include the guarantee for guests and visitors that the Dimora really has the characteristics present in the images, videos or described on sites or presentations, etc. a guarantee of reliability and safety. This also represents an important advantage for all intermediaries, agencies and tour operators who can in turn guarantee their customers that the Dimora is DCA certified, therefore guaranteed.

Finally, each DCA certified Residence will be published on the new Dream & Charme website and will have a direct link to the owner or his manager or to the agency indicated by the owner, ADSI member, for its direct management. Dream & Charme as an accredited Certification Body will not receive any commission for reports, links to agencies or managers, or intermediaries or for any other activity that may favor or generate the booking of the Residences.


DREAM & CHARME was founded by Giorgio Caire di Lauzet in 2006 with the aim of providing concrete and professional support to the owners of high and very high profile residences with historical or cultural value or of artistic or design relevance or which represent the Italian lifestyle. in its maximum expression of hospitality.

In 2020, after 15 years of work in the high-end tourism market and 3 years of work on the accreditation project, DREAM & CHARME obtained accreditation from Accredia (accreditation n.PRD 297B) becoming the only Certification Body accredited by Accredia according to the ISO17065 standard, officially authorized for the "Evaluation and certification of accommodation facilities".


email: adsi@dca-cert.com

Milan office: +39 02 80 50 34 57

Giorgio Caire of Lauzet: + 39 348 44 53 520



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