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Posted by user1131 on April 13, 2018
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Repower electric mobility

Benefits for you

A full kilowatt hour is convenient
100 km with little more than 2 euro, along a growing charging network. An electric company fleet protects your company from fluctuations in the price of fuel.

Park and circulate for free in the city
In many cities, electric cars already have free or facilitated access to restricted traffic areas and can park for free in the blue and yellow stripes.

Zeroed stamp, guaranteed savings
In several regions, electric cars benefit from exemption from the stamp in the first five years and reduce the tax to a quarter in subsequent years. Low rates also for insurance coverage.

Forget the number of the mechanic
Less complex than endothermic ones, electric vehicles require significantly lower maintenance and maintenance costs. Reduce management fees and concentrate on fun!

Benefits for your customers and employees

Attract new customers
Electric vehicles are increasing and a structure offering the recharge service will take precedence over the others. Already waiting in accommodation facilities, especially by foreign guests, the charging infrastructure will increasingly make the difference for all companies working in contact with the public.
Having a column will influence the choice of the hotel, restaurant or sports center. Keep up and turn a simple stop in the opportunity of a new service.

Just parking and make the difference
Electric vehicles and charging infrastructure in the company car park are services that you can make available to employees, customers and visitors.
New work tools to promote travel with low environmental impact and engage your employees in this business choice, become a reference point for customers and guests who have already chosen electric mobility and, not least, have a return of image as a company avant-garde and attentive to the environment.

Benefits for all

Imminent impact
Contribute immediately to reducing the environmental impact of your business. For your company, choose renewable energy and Repower electric mobility. And guarantee a zero impact process.

Listen to the noise of silence
Electric vehicles are silent. This affects both the pleasure of driving, less stressful for the driver, and the environment in terms of less noise pollution.

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