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Posted by Giorgio Hardouin on February 26, 2019
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Verdeincasa, green in domestic environments

Verdeincasa is green at home and in the office, inside and in their immediate appurtenances. It brings natural freshness and wholesomeness in the environments in which life flows with original green scenes and always simple to manage, as well as of visual impact - and often also olfactory.

A specialization for the plants cultivated in hydroculture, with myriad of installations throughout Italy, but also paintings and green walls, hydroponic and earth jungles, raised and traditional bioactive gardens - as tributes to Nature, the true champion of our well-being.

Design and set-up of green sets

Verdeincasa, rib of Giardango born on the initiative of some members of ADSI, takes the field alongside our Association with its vigorous activism that is expressed in the PANAM offer - not an airline, but a series of à la carte services: Design | Purchase | Rental | Preparation | Scenography maintenance greens destined to leave their mark.

Because we often imagine to furnish with green and dream that it happens as if by a miracle, that verdeincasa tries to materialize, with the ability to reach locations in other regions of Italy, in addition to the Lombardy from which it operates, thanks to a network of affiliated fitters and a strong presence on Rome.

Contact Verdeincasa:

write to: [Email protected]

Phone: + 39 031 789 128

Website: www.verdeincasa.it

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