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Confagricoltura and Italian Historic Houses Association

Synergies between food production, culture, art and tourism
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Agreement between Confagricoltura and Italian Historic Houses Association to combine food production with culture, art and tourism

Posted by Giorgio Hardouin on October 15, 2019
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Association of historic Italian homes



Rome, October 10 2019 - Farms and historic houses together to demonstrate how it is possible to combine the protection of art and the landscape with high quality agri-food production and with the offer of experiential tourism, which allows you to experience the extraordinary beauty of the Italian countryside. Today in Rome, at Palazzo della Valle, the President of Confagricoltura Massimiliano Giansanti and President of the Italian Historic Houses Association (ADSI) Giacomo of Thiene have entered into an important agreement based on this commonality of interests.

The one between Confagricoltura and the Italian Historical Dwellings Association is a collaboration that has continued for many years, since there are many companies associated with the Agricultural Organization that belong to ancient houses, subject to restrictions due to their importance as assets of historical and artistic interest .

From the Venetian villas to the Tuscan castles, to the Roman palaces, up to the ancient Apulian farmhouses, historic buildings are an integral part of our country's cultural heritage, and at the same time they play an important role in protecting and enhancing the Italian rural landscape. In particular, the historic wineries offer Italian and foreign travelers the opportunity to stay in places rich in history and to taste the gastronomic excellence of our territories in unique and unrepeatable contexts.

The agreement signed today formalises this collaboration through the commitment to promote common initiatives at national, regional and provincial level aimed at favoring the development of entrepreneurial activities capable of combining sustainability, innovation and territory.

In particular, the agreement provides for the possibility of carrying out joint actions for the protection of historic homes and for the harmonization of regional laws with national laws; the elaboration of synergistic lines of action towards external bodies to defend common interests at the tax level; the possibility of jointly participating in European calls for tenders related to the enhancement of historic buildings and their contexts; identifying new marketing opportunities for agricultural products.

"I am very satisfied with this collaboration agreement - comments the President of Confagricoltura Massimiliano Giansanti - that brings together agriculture and beauty in a unique combination in the world, made of quality and diversity that only our country can offer. Agriculture plays not only the primary and irreplaceable role of providing food, but also and increasingly, thanks to the commitment of entrepreneurs, protecting the environment and preserving the country's cultural heritage, increasingly contributing to economic well-being of rural communities ”.

"The agreement with Confagricoltura is an extraordinary opportunity for the Association of Italian Historic Houses to jointly carry out actions and interventions that aim to protect unique resources that cannot be relocated to our territory. Historical buildings are not only an integral part of our rural and urban landscape, which contribute to defining and safeguarding, but they are also the fulcrum of activities that have important and diversified economic repercussions for our country ”, declared Giacomo di Thiene, President of the Italian Historic Houses Association

National Association of Historic Houses

The Italian Historical Dwellings Association, a non-profit organization recognized as a non-profit organization, is the association that brings together the owners of historic residences present throughout Italy.

Born in 1977, the Association currently has about 4500 members and represents a significant component of the historical and artistic heritage of our country.

The Association promotes awareness-raising activities to promote the preservation, enhancement and management of historic homes, so that these buildings, of historical-artistic value and interest to the community, can be protected and handed down to future generations in the best conditions.

This commitment is directed in three directions: towards the shareholders themselves, owners of the assets; towards central and territorial institutions, competent on the different aspects of conservation; towards public opinion, interested in protecting and enhancing the country's cultural heritage.

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The General Confederation of Italian Agriculture is the representative and protection organization of the Italian agricultural enterprise. It recognizes the agricultural entrepreneur as the protagonist of production and pursues the economic, technological and social development of agriculture and agricultural enterprises.

The presence of Confagricoltura in the national territory is realized, in a capillary way, through the regional federations (it is present in all the regions), the provincial unions (in all the provinces), the area offices and the municipal delegations (over 2.200 offices), as well through the trade federations (which include the regional and provincial trade unions) and the product federations (which frame the corresponding regional and provincial product sections). The headquarters are in Rome, in the historic Palazzo Della Valle. It is also present in Brussels, with its own representative office, and in other European Union countries.


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