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300 thousand visitors for the National Day of ADSI 2018

300 thousand visitors for the National Day of ADSI 2018

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Posted by user1131 on May 15, 2018
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Roma, June 2018 - Great success in the traditional spring appointment with National Day of the Italian Historical Dimes Association: On Sunday 27 May ADSI opened over 400 period residences, castles, villas, farmhouses, courtyards and gardens throughout Italy to hundreds of thousands of Italian and foreign visitors and tourists.

Historic houses opened in the European year of Cultural Heritage

In the year in which Europe celebrates its cultural tradition by establishing the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the European Historic Houses Association, to which ADSI adheres, has collected the invitation to celebrate the European tradition and culture, of which the historic houses are a significant part, with a series of initiatives organized by all the European organizations in the Private Heritage Week, which took place between 24 and the 27 may.

In Italy, the Week dedicated to private property has culminated with the ADSI National Day, the annual event in which the owners of historic dwellings subject to constraint open their doors to visitors, offering them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the unique and fascinating atmosphere of period residences, tangible custodians of knowledge, artifacts and traditions that constitute our cultural roots.

The National ADSI Day was a great opportunity for discover places of extraordinary beauty, often little known to the general public, but also to raise awareness of the importance of the conservation and enhancement of private cultural assets subject to constraints, whose protection is entrusted to individual owners. Villas, castles and parks protagonists of the Day that represent our cultural heritage - historical, artistic, architectural, landscape - but also have a significant impact on the economy of their reference territories, as destinations of interesting tourist routes and the concrete possibility of maintaining in life ancient crafts necessary for the conservation of historic buildings and gardens, such as restorers, painters, gardeners, glassmakers, marble workers or mosaicists.

Like every year, the National Day program has been enriched with local initiatives dedicated to visitors of all ages - food and wine events, shows, exhibitions, photo contests - which this year will have the aim of enhancing the history and traditions of the region that they are an expression of our common European cultural heritage.

To find out about the programs and the list of open houses


Or visit the Site: www.adsi.it
Twitter: @dimorestoriche
Facebook: Italian Historic Houses Association

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