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Visit to the Castle of Torre in Pietra

Visit to the Castle with botanical itinerary and aperitif. 14 April 2019 hours 10,30
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Torre in Pietra, journey through the painted landscapes of the Castle and the real landscape

Posted by Giorgio Hardouin on April 1, 2019
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Guided tour 14 April 2019 hours 10,30

Thanks to the frescoes by Pier Leone Ghezzi, let us imagine that we are attending the visit of Cardinal Vincenzo Maria Orsini in the 1723, shortly before he became Pope with the name of Benedict XIII. The falconers welcomed him with irony and pride in their castle of ancient medieval origins. All the characters dedicate themselves to healthy and lively walks, brilliantly recalled by the great painter himself, who also paints scenes from the life of St. Francis of Assisi and his famous "Canticle of the Creatures".

"Verzura rooms" follow in which appear the birds that populated the places, together with courtyard animals also unusual, in a happy golden age, populated by legendary characters, including Pagliaccetto, the enchanter. Seductive mythological baroque scenes alternate with stormy sea scenes up to the "room of greenery" in which Torre in Pietra itself is so real that it seems to return to the past.

The intact landscape in which the Castle of Torre in Pietra it is immersed seems to prolong the nature painted in the ancient frescoes: wild herbs and plants, suitable for the table or for the care of the body, but also Mediterranean trees with exotic origins.
An enchanted environment, in short, which is a pleasure to discover ...

By the Professor Carla Benocci and Dr. Ugo Laneri

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write to info@castelloditorreinpietra.it or call +39 347 64 60 481
Cost 15 euro

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