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Florence, Siena and Tuscany

Traveling to discover the most unusual corners of Tuscany
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Posted by user1131 on September 28, 2018
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Florence, Siena and Tuscany

In Tuscany, a Firenze, which was the cradle of Rinascimento and the scene of the Medici patronage, an innate sense of beauty, a cultivated and industrious patriciate, a spirit of unparalleled preservation, have made the Florentine historical residences among the most beautiful in Italy. There are still families living in a mansion designed for them by Raffaello or in the villa where Lorenzo the Magnificent he was polite. In the dessert Tuscan landscape, city e castles I'm in the middle of the agricultural productions e wine passed down for generations and offer to the traveler tastings di wines of oli.
Siena, jewel ofItalian architecture, guardian of ancient traditions, preserves the ancient splendors of the glorious republic. From private residences look out on Piazza del Campo, you can enjoy an intact architectural ensemble, in a city where the only change that took place was the loss of the ancient independence. There Tuscan countryside that surrounds it and which is the background to many houses is still that of many landscapes Renaissance paintings, castles, new walls., city e gardens they are still kept alive today by owners who are custodians of centuries-old traditions, often dedicated to agriculture and the production of fine wines.

Discover all the historic houses in Tuscany

One of our itineraries in Tuscany:

During four days the first will be dedicated to Firenze with the visit of some private buildings, including one designed by Giuliano da Sangallo of which there is a spectacular fireplace and one from Raffaello, and al largest private garden in Europe within urban walls.

The second day will be dedicated to Siena, with private visits to a frescoed palace from Beccafumi, a villa with Italian garden and chapel of the Peruzzi, another with perfectly preserved interiors from the end of the XNUMXth century and the heart of a winery; concluding with a visit to a villa designed by Peruzzi.

Another day will be dedicated to private historical gardens di Fiesole and the surroundings of Florence and the fourth day with visits to villas and to historic cellars more or less known between Florence and Siena.

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