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Rome and Lazio

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Posted by user1131 on September 28, 2018
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Rome and Lazio

Capital of a universal empire, then seat of the Papacy, for over two thousand years Rome has been a reference for the whole world. Place par excellence of artistic commission he has recalled and formed the most during the centuries famous artists. Great artists designed and decorated villas and palaces of new papal families or cardinals who rose to sovereign and princely rank. Many residences are still inhabited by their descendants and retain collections comparable to those of the ruling houses of Europe.

Charles de Brosses he wrote in the eighteenth century by visiting the Colonna Gallery that that of the Mirrors of Versailles was less grandiose.
All of Lazio is rich in country residences and famous gardens which, due to their proximity to Rome, are ideal for itineraries of one or more days.

Discover all the historic houses in Lazio

One of our proposed itineraries in Lazio:

During four days the first will be dedicated to private Roman palaces, the second to the delights of the frascatane villas related to ancient viticulture productions and to the places of origin of the Colonna, the third to the Tuscia viterbese with the castle where Handel he lived and dedicated works to his guests and others Farnesian houses, the fourth to others residences in the surroundings of Rome between the lake of Bracciano and the sea, from the Castle of Bracciano to a residence where a visit of the Pope and his entourage was represented in a fresco.


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