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Municipality:San Secondo di Pinerolo
Region: Piemonte e Valle d'Aosta

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Established in Pinerolo in 2008, the Cosso Foundation's prime objectives are to promote culture and art, humanistic and scientific research, and to increase an appreciation of the Piedmont region. The Foundation supports a great many initiatives, which take place for the most part in restored parts of the Castle. The programme ranges from temporary exhibitions to theatrical and musical events, and from organising training courses to participating in projects with a social commitment. By diversifying its activities, the Foundation’s aim is to give everyone who is involved an opportunity of bringing out the very best of what this region has to offer, while at the same time highlighting its many resources.

Miradolo Castle is located at the entrance of the Chisone Valley and is comprised of a noble section and a more rustic section, which between the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century started to take on the appearance of the complex that we see today. The castle was formerly the home of the ancestral Massel and Cacherano families from Bricherasio. A park measuring more than six hectares surrounds the Castle and still today shows signs of the original design orientations and tastes of those who first began to define it at the end of the 18th century and of those who later expanded it during the 19th century. Inspired by the style of an informal English garden, the park is characterised by loosely oval shapes which are enriched and enhanced by swathes of luxuriant vegetation overlooking a large central glade. The landscape has an overtly romantic quality.

Visitors to the Castle can catch a glimpse of beautiful, tall Taxodium cypress trees at the entrance; high boxwood hedges direct them towards the extensive central lawn from where it is possible to stroll around the tranquil gardens and observe, among other species, an ancient yew tree, a towering Sequoia redwood, an extensive bamboo grove and the historical Ginkgo Biloba. The presence of numerous waterways and the particularly favourable location from a climatic point of view also make the grounds an ecologically interesting site, and an ideal habitat for many animal and plant species.

Since 2007, thanks to extensive renovations and restoration work, the park has once again been enhanced by the presence of important botanical collections which were once held dear by Countess Sofia of Bricherasio, the last heiress of the dei Conti Cacherano di Bricherasio family and a great admirer of nature and art, who had chosen romantic old roses, rare hydrangeas and elegant camellias to adorn the park.

A greenhouse lies along the south-west façade of the Castle. It has a 19th-century layout and is in perfect harmony with the elegance and balance of the overall design of the entire Castle. The restoration of its original structure using the same materials has breathed new life into this external space, enhanced by the natural sunlight afforded by its neo-Gothic arches and large windows. The greenhouse can now be used for concerts, conventions, installations, small exhibitions and a host of meetings and other sources of entertainment.

The history of Castello di Miradolo

The Cosso Foundation conducted extensive in-depth historical research in order to promote and enhance the whole architectural complex, with the aim of reconstructing the castle's history, both by means of archival sources and through more recent verbal accounts and records.

The first definite piece of historical evidence links the Castle, originally known as a “cassina” or country farmhouse, to the Macello family who were the main landowners in the area, even though they did not have any estates. Giovanni Battista Macello changed his family name from Macello to Massel and subsequently enlarged his property by purchasing the Marchesato di Caresana.

In 1866, Marquise Teresa Massel married Luigi dei Conti Cacherano di Bricherasio, who, as a wedding gift to his bride, had the ancient and rustic country 'cassina' renovated into a noble residence in neo-Gothic style. The building is still standing today. Two children, Sofia and Emanuele, were born of this union. The latter, who died prematurely in 1904, was one the founding partners of FIAT, Italy's first major automobile company. Sofia, who was celebrated for her intellectual and social commitment, was a pupil of painter Lorenzo Delleani, a regular guest at the soirées and literary salons that she frequented at that time.

Countess Sofia di Bricherasio, the last descendant of the family, died in 1950, leaving the Castle of Miradolo to Don Orione's Religious Province of San Marziano, who turned the building into a retreat for spiritual exercises. In the years that followed, a series of interventions were carried out that did not respect the original structure and the property was eventually abandoned.

In 2007 the entire complex, which had been in a state of neglect since the 1990s, was acquired by a private organisation. The new owners, who had a strong desire to recover the Castle’s origins and to restore an important historical and artistic resource to the local area, launched an impressive restoration project and entrusted the Cosso Foundation with implementing initiatives that would see the Castello di Miradolo become a cultural reference point and source of new ideas for the whole community once again, as it had been in the times of Countess Sofia of Bricherasio.

Facilities and services: wedding receptions and exclusive events in Piemonte

Indoor Cafeteria
Miradolo Castle houses an elegant Cafeteria, a pleasant refreshment spot during a visit to the ancient residence and a refined meeting place for visitors. The Cafeteria serves toasted sandwiches, starters, hot and cold drinks and regularly offers a selection of delicious cakes, biscuits and sweets produced by the historic Antica Pasticceria Castino in Pinerolo. Once a month during the spring and summer, visitors to the Castle can purchase attractive picnic baskets to sit and enjoy in their favourite corner of the park, based on savoury delicacies made by the pastry shop. During the warmer months, the outdoor area is an oasis of tranquillity, set in the intimate inner courtyard amidst aromatic plants and flowers. You are welcome to stop by for a coffee break, to enjoy an aperitif with friends, or simply to settle down and read a book in a cosy corner.

For private events and special celebrations, or for events related to corporate and company public relations, members of the Cafeteria staff are available to help organise your aperitifs, lunches or snacks, by prior arrangement.

The Bookshop is a unique space, with a rich selection of books dedicated to the history of art and architecture, photography and design. Particular attention is paid to the historical-artistic heritage of the Pinerolo area and the Piedmont Region. On the shelves you can find the catalogues of all the exhibitions which have been organised by the Cosso Foundation at Miradolo Castle, from 2008 to the present day. An entire section is dedicated to historic parks and gardens, the environment, nature and gardening. There are also novels by great authors, children’s books and small educational volumes created by the Cosso Foundation to accompany children on their visit of the Castle and the Park. The Bookshop offers a series of thematic gadgets and mementos from exhibitions, the Castle and the Park. A line of accessories has been created and produced in Italy. These were designed exclusively for the Cosso Foundation and include plant motifs inspired by the botanical collections and nature of the historic park. Items include elegant scarves and foulards.

Private events and activities
Miradolo Castle hosts private events and activities for groups and schools even outside of normal public opening hours. Exclusive guided tours, catering and special events are available for corporate and PR events. Miradolo Castle houses both a fully equipped conference room (maximum capacity 50 seats, video projector, blackboard, speakers' table, microphone) and our neo-Gothic glasshouse (capacity 150 seats for a conference, 80 seats for a seated lunch).

Facilities for visits
The Castle of Miradolo regularly hosts prestigious art exhibitions, concerts, book presentations and conferences. Cosso Foundation guides are available for guided tours, educational and creative activities and training projects. Various visitor aids such as printed information material and audio guides are available at the ticket office. The guided tour itinerary is accessible for wheelchairs. The Castle is equipped with a lift to the rooms on the first floor. Animals are allowed in the park and Cafeteria, providing they are properly supervised.

Photographic services
The historical park and the neo-Gothic greenhouse both provide stunning settings for photo shoots at weddings, ceremonies and special celebrations. Cosso Foundation is available for evaluating concessions by the Castle and Park for the recording of commercials, films and TV shootings.

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Territory: Circuito del Pinerolese

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