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Fondazione Memmo was established in 1990 at the instigation of Roberto Memmo, with the aim of bringing the art world ever closer to a broad audience through a direct understanding of masterpieces from all periods of time. Starting in 2012, the Foundation launched an exhibition programme entirely dedicated to the contemporary art scene, promoting interaction between artists and the city of Rome, with the intention of contributing to the development of the cultural fabric in the region, connecting with international entities and opening a dialogue with other local and non-local institutions. Through the organisation and production of exhibitions, performances, residencies, talks, educational workshops and publications, the Memmo Foundation is an exemplary institution committed to the promotion and dissemination of contemporary artistic research.

The activities of Fondazione Memmo primarily consist of two main types of initiatives: firstly, a series of solo exhibitions arising from artist residencies hosted by the Foundation, and secondly, a set of group exhibitions focused on artists, both Italian and foreign, who are temporarily residing in the Rome area.

The monographic exhibitions extend an invitation to an artist to expand his or her creative approach, experimenting with new artistic possibilities linked to the production of a new series of works. The programme was launched with artist Sara VanDerBeek (2012), followed by Sterling Ruby (2013), Shannon Ebner (2014) – with whom the new exhibition space of the Scuderie di Palazzo Ruspoli was inaugurated – Camille Henrot (2016), Giuseppe Gabellone (2017), Kerstin Brätsch and the KAYA Collective (2018), and Latifa Echakhch (2019).

A platform of collective exhibitions curated by Marcello Smarrelli, Conversation Piece, was also launched in 2015 and is now in its eighth edition. This exhibition presents a selection of works by artists temporarily residing in Rome (mostly at foreign academies or cultural institutes). By implementing this dual action plan, Fondazione Memmo solidifies its ties to the region and positions itself as a central hub and gathering place within the network of international entities in Rome. The goal is to actively enrich the cultural landscape of the region by fostering collaboration among artists, the urban environment, its historical heritage and its unique identity.

In 2019, Fondazione Memmo and Gasworks jointly initiated a call addressed to Italian artists to apply for a residency grant at Gasworks in London. This collaborative effort, supported by the Memmo Foundation, was created with the intention of offering Italian artists with an invaluable opportunity beyond their domestic horizons, allowing them to immerse themselves in the global art community.

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