Palazzo Mondo in Capodrise

Region: Campania

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With its archaeological inspiration, Palazzo Mondo, which dates back to the second half of the 18th century, is a fine example of the stylistic transition between the Rococo and Neo-classical tastes, and perfectly represents the aristocratic architecture of the time in Southern Italy.

The first-floor apartment, partially preserved, is utterly charming and evocative.

It is possible to visit the Rococo drawing room with its frescoed walls and ceiling, the dining room, a reception room dedicated to Vanvitelli's plans for the Royal Palace of Caserta, a study painted in yellow and decorated with Etruscan-inspired borders, a bedroom with walls painted in Pompeiian red and ancient-style borders, and a small prayer room.

On the frescoed ceiling of the Rococo living room, you can admire architectural perspectives painted by the Magri brothers, scenic painters from the Bibiena school, while in the angles there are allegorical figures painted by the artist Domenico Mondo (Capodrise 1723 - Naples 1806), representing the Cardinal Virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity, and the Theological Virtues of Fortitude, Prudence, Justice and Temperance.

Painter Domenico Mondo, who trained in Naples at the workshop of the renowned Francesco Solimena, lived in Capodrise until 1789, when he was appointed director of the Royal Academy of Drawing in Naples, alongside Neo-classical artist Wilhelm Tischbein.

The courtyard garden is noteworthy for its unique colour scheme and nostalgic atmosphere, and is enclosed by high tuff walls and rustic ground floor rooms.


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Territory: I giardini e le dimore storiche di Caserta


Territory: I giardini e le dimore storiche di Caserta

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