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Nestled into an untouched nature, among secular olive trees, and citrus groves, the 18th historic residence, Tenuta Ciminata Greco welcomes you in elegant and spacious rooms, suites and apartments for an absolutely relaxing stay, surrounded by a peaceful nature, just few minutes away from Rossano. Lovingly restored, respecting the original style, Tenuta Ciminata Greco feature elements of the ancient farmhouse: original stone arches, sight beamed ceilings, the millstone of the historic olive oil mill, a private chapel and the library containing more than 5,000 unique books and manuscripts.

Its privileged position, on the top of a hill, will offer you breathtaking and spectacular views over the authentic and unique colours of our territory. On one side the crystalline clear Ionian Sea waters, the Corigliano Gulf, and Dolcedorme, the highest peak of Pollino Mountain. On the other side, your sight will be delighted with the silvery green olive groves, the brown of the chestnut trees, the beechwood and pine trees of the Sila National Park.

Tenuta Ciminata Greco is ideal for romantic getaways, family holidays and business stays. Our accommodations perfectly combine relax and modern comforts.


The Greco family, owners of the estate, is one of the most renowned and ancient families in the city of Rossano. Historical sources trace their origins back to the 13th century, attributing their ancestry to Poland. Their coat of arms consists of a golden Greek Y and a key on a blue field, surmounted by a red band with three silver stars.

Literati and jurists, the Grecos covered also public positions. Led by pure ideals, they were trusted soldiers as well as revolutionaries, who fought against despotic regimes and conquering armies.

Ascribed among the honorable noble families of Rossano, The Greco family first acquired the Lordships of the feuds of Arnaro and S. Lorenzo. And in the XVIII century they also acquired Tenuta Ciminata, which is still considered the family farm.

Ciminata (on the top) refers to the privileged position of the original building. Formerly a tower on the top of the hill dominating the Ionian Sea.

The building was later refurbished and today consists of the 3 different blocks. A master block and other adjoined blocks previously used as houses for the farmers.

"Recent" history

Tenuta Ciminata Greco used to be the winter residence of the Greco Family until the 1960s. While the family spent the summer at their noble palace in the heart of Rossano. Tenuta Ciminata Greco consisted of a master building and adjoined farmhouses that hosted the farm workers and their families. In winters many other families from the surroundings joined Tenuta Ciminata to help during the olive harvest and pressing.

In the private church, considered the spiritual site of the farming community, the Mass on Sunday and non-working days was always celebrated. The industrialization at the end of 1960s changed the working processes and farm work force was drastically reduced until farmers definitively abandoned their houses at the Tenuta. At the beginning of 1980s, the new Greco family generation started a long and meticulous refurbishment process, giving the original 19th century building a new splendor. Today Tenuta Ciminata Greco is a charming and elegant property with 21 accommodations, suites and apartments that welcome people from around the world, curious to discover the region Calabria, and in particular the Sibari and Corigliano-Rossano areas.

The core of the property is still the olive-oil mill, completely refurbished maintaining the original stone arches, olive millstones, and cellar whose walls made of 19th glass maiolica, were used to store the olive oil. The variety of the oil produced is the Cultivar Dolce di Rossano, a very ancient oil variety, predominant in the whole area.

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The original farmhouses are now welcoming rooms and apartments that combine elegancy and comfort, offering spectacular views over the secular olive groves, the well-known Cultivar Dolce di Rossano, the beautiful mountains, and the clementine grove.

Preserving the identity of the place has been the owner’s goal who has managed to keep the original charming design, while creating an elegant new space with valuable decorations and fabrics. The 21 accommodations are spacious and stylish, and provided with all the modern comforts to ensure intimacy and relaxation.



Ideally positioned, among the sea and mountains, offering breath-taking views, Tenuna Ciminata Greco is your exclusive venue for the most important day of your life.

Nested by an extraordinary natural contest, among old olive trees and citrus groves, La Tenuta, completely refurbished respecting its original charming design, is perfect venue for a memorable wedding.


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Numbers of beds:55
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Numbers of seats for events:200
wedding reception rooms:55
Places for weddings:200