Villa di Modolo

In the heart of the Dolomites, a few kilometers from Belluno, there is Villa di Modolo, a beautiful mansion built in the seventeenth century by the Miari, counts for decree of Emperor Sigismund since 1412. The natural setting and the magical atmosphere of its rooms makes Villa di Modolo the perfect convivial space for your most beautiful moments.

Region: Veneto

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Villa di Modolo is one of the 15 main villas of the province of Belluno and is included in the catalog of one hundred Venetian villas by Antonio Canova. Arriving on the road through the countryside of Modolo, you reach the family chapel dedicated to St. Lawrence that overlooks a small square. Entering through the 18th century gate to the garden of the villa you see the old stables and finally Villa of Modolo, a grandiose estate built in the early 19th Century by architect Andrea Miari. The main building, decorated with Ionic and Corinthian semicolumns, extends to a wing connected to a smaller building: the Barchessa. This building has a portico on the ground floor and the cellars below, which have an inscription of the date 1644. The estate is one of the greatest examples of villas in the great tradition of the most meaningful Venetian models.

The history

Reliable data tell us that the Miari family traces its origins to Vicenza, the place of origin of Felice Miari’s sons, who gave birth to the Belluno lineage in the 11th century. The first historical attestation of the surname refers to Andrea Da Miaro, who held the position of captain of Feltre in 1110. In the following centuries, the members of the main branch of the family held the most significant offices and leading roles: in 1248 Alessandro Miari was among the defenders of the city of Belluno; in 1391 Andrea Miari received the castle of Zumelle as a gift from Giangaleazzo Visconti for his services, while in 1404 Bartolomeo Miari fought for Venice and planted the banner of St. Mark on the drawbridge of the castle of Belluno. In the same period, Vicar Clemente Miari wrote his famous “diaries of Belluno chronicles”.

The size and current appearance of the villa dates back to 1806, when a major renovation leads to the main facade being turned. Thanks to these interventions Villa Modolo becomes one of the largest villas in the province of Belluno.

In more recent times, after the dramatic years of the First World War in which the villa was used as a field hospital by the Germans and then by the Italians, numerous restoration works were undertaken, along with several cutting-edge activities related to agriculture and livestock. Today the family keeps developing the villa connecting it with activities related to tourism, art, catering and agricultural experimentation.




From May 2024, there will be available rooms of the highest standard. 

Dimore visitabili

Visit the villa and hamlet of Modolo

The visit includes the main floor of the villa with its two magical gardens as well as the parts that tell the entrepreneurial history of the Miari family. The visit is curated directly by the family and tells the secrets and behind the scenes of life in Modolo.

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Eventi privati


The villa, with its rural village, has many different environments that are well suited to corporate and social events. 

The "Sala delle Meridiane" hosts conferences and receptions for groups of up to 250 people. 


Wedding in the villa

The indoor halls and gardens are the ideal places for a convivial ceremony, followed by dances and moments of celebration. Thanks to the great variety of spaces, both outdoor and indoor, and the many possibilities of preparation, you will be able to design a reception that fulfills your wishes.


Territory: Dimore amiche del Veneto

Pets allowed
External use
Internal use
Garden use
Numbers of beds:22
Event salons:7
Numbers of seats for events:240 in un locale unico al chiuso, oltre 400 all'esterno
wedding reception rooms:7
Places for weddings:240 in un locale unico al chiuso, oltre 400 all'esterno