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Nestled in the lush countryside close to the Municipality of Mirandola, Villa La Personala and its historic estate features an ancient tower dating back to 1100 and has an annexed oratory and chapel

Region: Emilia-Romagna

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Nestled in the lush countryside close to the Municipality of Mirandola, Villa La Personala and its historic estate features an ancient tower dating back to 1100 and has an annexed oratory and chapel. Over the centuries, it has become an enormously prestigious noble residence. Today, the Villa, managed and curated by the Ferri Personali family, is an exclusive venue for private events and relaxing holidays, combined with a passion for the local culture, including fine cuisine and motor vehicles.

The history of Villa La Personala

The first inhabitants of the Villa originally lived in Germany at the height of the 12th century during the period of Frederick Barbarossa, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and actively participated in the Holy Crusades of that time. In the mid-13th century, they crossed the Alps and settled in northern Italy, specifically in the town of Bedulita in Valle Imagna near Bergamo. It was here, in 1308, after having founded a small village which still exists today under the name of ‘Case di Personé’, that they were elevated to the rank of ‘Counts’ by Emperor Henry VII of Luxembourg, the very same emperor who is mentioned by Dante Alighieri in the ‘Paradise’ section of his Divine Comedy. Due to the rapid multiplication of family members, various nicknames were adopted to identify the different lines, many of which later became surnames. Among these was the name Personali, whose branch moved to San Giacomo Roncole near Mirandola in the Modena region in 1472.


At that time, America had not yet been discovered, and Italy was far from having a unified political identity. As soon as the Personali family arrived in the Modena area, they quickly befriended the local nobility, forming particularly strong links with the powerful Pico family, whose importance and splendour can still be appreciated today in the neighbouring Castle of Mirandola.

The first dwelling that the Personali family chose to settle in was a tower with Ghibelline battlements, constructed around the 12th century by the ‘Sons of Manfredo’, from whom the Pico family descended. At the end of the 15th century, the Lords of Mirandola ceded the keep of San Giacomo Roncole, surrounded by a moat and equipped with a drawbridge, to the Personali Counts. Over the course of the centuries, two buildings were added on either side of the tower, transforming the residence into a Villa.

The name "La Personala" dates back to the 16th century, taken from the surname of the lords who owned it, and is still recorded today on the toponymy maps of the municipalities of Mirandola and Cavezzo. Villa ‘La Personala’ (kinship with the noble Ferri family, and the consequent addition to the surname, dates back to the early 20th century) gradually became a noble residence that not only served as a reference point for the local community – routine judicial business, among other things, was administered here in the past – but also attracted the attention of the lords of the time who came to visit the area.

In keeping with a trend that was very much in vogue in Italy during the 18th century, Villa ‘La Personala’ therefore became a highly prestigious aristocratic home, featuring several frescoed rooms (including the ubiquitous ballroom) and valuable pieces of furniture.

It should therefore come as no surprise that Prince Eugene of Savoy, Supreme Commander of the imperial army, chose to stay here in 1701 after occupying Mirandola. A plaque still recalls this historical event, describing the mercenary as "a terror to the Turks and a bulwark to the Gauls”. At the end of the 19th century, the tower was lowered by several metres, and all the battlements were removed, part of them having already collapsed. In 1912, on his return from the Italo-Turkish war in Libya, Count Guido Personali renovated the entire Villa, securing the tower. Shortly afterwards, he enclosed a deep razor pit with sharp, serrated blades inside the Castle.

Adjacent to the Villa, on Via Personali, is the family oratory dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. It was erected around the mid-17th century by Count Francesco Personali "for the convenience of his family members and the servants", given the distance of the local parish church. The oratory was later endowed with a secular chaplaincy, with a fund of ‘17 biolche of land’ (approximately 4.25 hectares) and the obligation to hold festive masses "except for those prohibited by the Diocesan Synod and one during the week". In 1860, the oratory was restored and blessed by Provost Giuseppe Fei.

Since the 1990s, Villa ‘La Personala’ has also become a highly prestigious residence where weddings and important events are celebrated. It was here, in 2011, that notable personalities showgirl Maddalena Corvaglia and the American guitarist Stef Burns tied the knot, with a ceremony officiated by none other than Vasco Rossi. However, in 2012, the tragic earthquake that hit the entire lower Modena region caused the collapse of the tower (which had been standing unscathed since 1100!) and the destruction of the interior of the Villa, rendering it uninhabitable, as well as the entire surrounding hamlet. Only part of the park was saved, while the swimming pool was also damaged, and the marquee especially reserved for wedding parties subsided.

After undergoing all the due checks and examinations as required by law for earthquake-stricken areas, the intervention of the Region and Municipality of Mirandola made it possible for Villa La Personala to get a whole new lease of life in 2021, allowing it to host international guests once again and returning it to being a reference point for the local community, with all of its outstanding features.

Facilities and services: Accommodation and Weddings at Villa La Personala

Villa La Personala offers a host of exclusive services for its guests, provided by a team of young professionals.

The Villa has its own in-house wedding planner service, guaranteeing you a trusted reference point you can rely on in the months leading up to the most important day of your life. Attention to detail is our absolute priority.

The true magic of this Historical Residence lies in the prestigious suites located inside the ancient tower, where you and your guests can reside during your stay and fully experience the romance and emotion of your celebration.

Relax with a brunch served by the pool or inside the rooms of the Villa and discover our tailor-made experiences, ranging from art and Belcanto to motorsports and the excellence of Emilian gastronomy.

Number of rooms: 6 suites, including 2 in the Ancient Tower. The suites were created in 2021; each one is unique in terms of style and décor and features original details and refined furnishings, creating an elegant ambiance.

Prices for accommodation: upon request.

Prices for events: upon request.



The city of Modena, with its Cathedral, Ghirlandina Tower and Piazza Grande, has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

In 2021, Villa La Personala was awarded a certificate of merit in the FICLU International Competition "La Fabbrica nel Paesaggio", promoted by the UNESCO Club of Foligno and proposed by the UNESCO Club of Modena, recognised for: "the elegant restoration of a historical noble Villa, with particular attention to the original architectural aspects, which has now become significant for the revaluation of the surrounding landscape and the promotion of sustainable tourism".

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