Villa Tiepolo Passi

Villa Tiepolo Passi is a 17th-century Villa Veneta just outside Treviso, and is still today home to its owners, the family of the Passi de Preposulo Counts. A charming cultural tourism destination, open to the public, offering guided visits, accomodations and events.

Region: Veneto

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Villa Tiepolo Passi's history dates back to the beginning of the 16th century, when the powerful Tiepolo family acquired land on the mainland and occupied the site of the Casteo of Carbonera, an ancient Paleo-Venetian hill fort. As was often the case of such hill forts - simple landfills about three meters above the level of the surrounding countryside -, this one is oriented according to the solstices and equinoxes, and thus served as a sundial. In the Roman era it became a castrum, or a military garrison, strategic in that it was equidistant from th Sile River, the city of Treviso and the Via Claudia Augusta road. When the Tiepolo arrived,they maintained the place's characteristics and built the Villa, starting with storehouses, granaries and stalls; then, in the 17th century, Ermolao Tiepolo commissioned the main house and the "barchessa" outbuildings, early mannerist Venetian Baroque structures in keeping with the style and stylistic elements of Vincenzo Scamozzi, a student of Palladio. Over the centuries, the house was embellished by famous artists: the Torretti sculptors, Giuseppe Bernardi and his nephew Ferrari, who had the young Canova as an apprentice in their workshop; Pietro Antonio Cerva, known as Il Bolognese, a Baroque painter who frescoed the entire "noble" first floor of the main house and the barchesse between 1674 and 1675; Giovanbattista Canal, who frescoed the family chapel according to the canons of the Tiepolo school of painters (1775); and Francesco Frigimelica il Vecchio, whose painting can be admired in the Villa's Portego. In the Napoleonic era, the Villa was inherited by the noble Venetian family, and shortly thereafter was passed by families ties to the Passi de Presposulo Counts, and old Bergamo family, which still resides there. During the Great War, the Villa became a surgical hospital run by the Italian Red Cross. King Vittorio Emanuele and generals Diaz and Cadorna stayed there.
Today the Villa is the hub of an agricultural estate, and a destination for cultural tourism and exclusive events.


A gracious, enjoyable and symbolic garden, and a rustic park, with the Estate's Brolo (historic orchard) and edible crops: 35 hectares that complement Villa Tiepolo Passi and tell us about its origins. The Park is part of Paolo Pejrone's Italian Garden Route.
The large Italianate garden with characteristic boxwood topiary elements, central fountain and ornamental planters extends to the south, beyond the fish pond, with a monumental, two-and-a-half-kilometer perspective-view avenue, known as the stradon, the ancient Roman cardo. The avenue passes through the romantic park, with decorative mounds, grottoes, two greenhouses and century-old trees. A six-meter-wide water wheel fed the Villa's irrigation system (now under restoration), bringing water to the stables, the cellars, the lisciera (laundry) and the fish pond, generating a pond at the top of a small hill for the winter production of ice, which was kept in the icehouse grotto below (giasera). A small lake served as a reservoir for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables in the Villa's Brolo.
Behind the Villa, the Piovensan Stream is crossed by a brick and stone bridge leading to the rustic park of the Agricultural Estate, bordered by old-growth hedges and containing a hunting snare and various edible crops.
The Brolo, the old orchard and vegetable garden, is also an integral part of the Villa's history and agricultural tradition, and still provides various types of fruit.


A visit that will inspire you with the beauty of these places and the history they hold: over four centuries of life in the midst of love and war, artists and travelers, saints and libertines.

From March to mid-November (only by reservation)
Saturday afternoons at 3:30 pm
Sunday mornings at 11 am
Holidays (check details on the website)
€ 13.00 per person
Reductions for students (age 8-21), FAI members, Associazione per le Ville Venete members, Carbonera residents: € 10.00 per person.
Free entry: children under 7, group tour leader, assistants for disabled visitors
On demand, according to availability, time to be agreed, customized itineraries.
2 to 12 people: € 45,00 opening fee + € 13,00 per person
13 to 19 people: € 215,00 forfait
From 20 people, all year round, time to be agreed, customized itineraries: € 11,00 per person
Free entry for the tour leader


Back to the land, through workshops and experiences in painting, weaving, cooking, horticulture, yoga, emotion-walks and educational play activities for adults and children. Get back to the gentle rhythms of nature, immersing yourself – not just physically, but mentally and philosophically – in the ancient landscape that surround a Veneto villa.
- Projects with schools and students to discover all the aspects of the Villa.


The Carriage House, ideal for management meetings, and the Tesa dei Tiepolo, set in the estate’s verdant grounds, are perfect and exclusive locations for meetings and receptions in a country-chic setting.


The Brolo, the old vegetable garden, and the fields of the Agricultural Estate mark the seasons, producing fruit, vegetables and wild herbs. The bounty of the countryside lets us offer floral compositions, fruit bowls, cakes, preserves, jams and chutneys.
On sale at the Villa with family recipes.


From the Lagoon to the Dolomites, a marvelous journey.
The Villa is an ideal base for wonderful excursions on the mainland of Venice, an area filled with fascinating, easy-to-reach destinations.
Proposals of tailor-made itineraries of one day, weekend or more days with accommodations for individuals, families or groups.


Dimore di charme

Nella Foresteria si è immersi in una deliziosa atmosfera country chic: le stanze sono affacciate sul paesaggio della campagna, sul rio e sugli alberi secolari della corte e l’ospitalità è quella d’altri tempi. Il silenzio è interrotto dal verso dei pavoni, si incontrano i padroni di casa e si passeggia in un paesaggio dolcissimo. È una vacanza inedita, all’insegna dell’eco-sostenibilità, con mete rinomate poco distanti.

Possibilità di noleggio bici, escursioni in battello e canoa, passeggiate a cavallo, golf ecc.

Disponibilità di due stanze matrimoniali e un loft con cucina e area living a partire da € 106,00 a notte. Possibilità di affittare l’intero appartamento.

Dimore visitabili


A visit that will inspire you with the beauty of these places and the history they hold: over four centuries of life in the midst of love and war, artists and travelers, saints and libertines.
From March to mid-November
Every Sunday at 11 am
Sunday afternoon and weekdays: minimum 4 people, depending on availability, time to be agreed.
GROUPS and SCHOOLS (min. 15 people)
All year round
Every day, time to be agreed.


Territory: I Parchi e Giardini Storici - Nord

Pets allowed
External use
Internal use
Garden use
Numbers of beds:8
Event salons:2
Numbers of seats for events:200
wedding reception rooms:8