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Castle of Massazza

A typical medieval defensive village
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The Castle of Massazza

The Castle, built around the year one thousand, is located in the small town of Massazza between Milan and Turin and is a typical example of medieval defensive village. Settlement perched on a baraggivo spur, probably Celto Ligure, then passed to the Romans and later Lombard fortification. It is characterized by a high stone bachelors tower and a Visconti fortress with typical Ghibelline battlements.

Typical medieval defensive village, storage of foodstuffs and agricultural products, shelter for the flocking settlements in the area and defense of the village located at that time in the north, on the Baraggia. Are preserved Celtic with votive chapels and testimonies of the Templar era with symbols of the typical Cross.

Inside the village there is a chapel dedicated to Sant'Antonino and Sant'Anna, with an interesting Romanesque apse, where there are valuable fourteenth-century frescoes.

In the 1200 it was owned by the Guala of Casalvolone, for the whole 1300 of the Visconti of Milan which characterized it with several single-lancet windows typical of the Lombard castles (one in particular considered among the most beautiful in Piedmont). From the 1400 to the whole 1800 of the Avogadro family.

The Castle today

From the 1978 the castle is owned by the Cavallari family, which is operating a patient recovery re-founding the fortress as a home and in part offering good for events, exhibitions and fairs having arranged rooms with services and large kitchen; an arena theater has also been created with formidable acoustics and striking scenic impact.

The Castle of Massazza is an ideal choice for private events in a context of charm.

Website: www.castellomassazza.com

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