Convento San Panfilo

Region: Abruzzo

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Since the end of the 1800s, the Cerulli Irelli family has owned an Estate located in the hills in the region of Pescara that includes an agricultural farm and two important historic buildings, the 11th-century Convent of San Panfilo ‘Fuori Le Mura’ (meaning ‘outside the city walls’) and the 16th-century De Sterlich Tower.

Today, the family-run business, which spans several generations, includes activities that range from the cultivation of 140 hectares of land to the processing of raw materials and to sales of wheat, extra virgin olive oil, wine and other local produce.



With the Convento San Panfilo brand, the family has finally been able to realise its ambition of transforming organic agricultural raw materials into authentic and flavourful food products.

The Tenuta Pescarina brand, meanwhile, is the continuation of the project which our grandfather Quintino initiated and felt so passionately about in the 1950s: namely, the wine created in the Convent and produced organically using traditional techniques. The vineyards are all located on the land around the Torre De Sterlich tower, overlooking the sea.



The Convent of San Panfilo was founded in the 11th century as a monastic complex and continued to serve this purpose until 1866, when the Laws of the Kingdom of Sardinia led to the secularisation of many ecclesiastical properties. On 15 June 1892, it was purchased by the Honourable Giuseppe Cerulli Irelli and became part of our family business, operating as a farm for the pre-existing agricultural lands. In 1910, in order to give it an appearance that was more in keeping with its social status, Commendatore Cerulli Irelli entrusted the renovation of the façade to renowned architect Ernst Wille, who had previously restructured a number of villas in Rome. It was later bequeathed to Dr. Quintino Cerulli Irelli, who was married to Anna Maria Massara and who undertook major restoration work of the interiors with immense dedication, adding many valuable embellishments that we still preserve intact today.

Starting from 2009, the building, which had suffered the effects of significant seismic events and also the passage of time, underwent substantial consolidation and restoration work so that it would be suitable for tourism, agritourism and accommodation purposes, while remaining within the scope of the farm's activities.



Following extensive renovation, the Convento San Panfilo and its various ambiences, such as the magnificent frescoed cloister dating back to the 14th century and its gardens, have been adapted to host private events such as weddings and christenings, seminars and conferences, cultural activities and tastings of products from the Tenuta Pescarina farm and winery.

Starting in 2024, we will also be able to offer accommodation for our guests, with rooms and suites on the first and second floors.