Palazzo Coli Bizzarrini

Palazzo Coli Bizzarrini is a historic residence from 1520 built by Baldassare Peruzzi at the behest of Bernardo Francesconi, the great and rich mayor of Siena, part of the Government of the 9th.The Palace is the only example of Renaissance in Siena.

Region: Toscana

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 Palazzo Coli Bizzarrini background


The construction of the Palace dates back to 1520-1527. The design is attributed to Baldassarre Peruzzi who, according to the text of Bono del Monte dei Buondelmonti: 'Baldassarre Peruzzi created the plan of the Palazzo de'Francesconi in Poggio Malavolti, not yet finished, and the Model!'

The incompleteness was due to the fact that Peruzzi accepted the order from Agostino Chigi for the construction of Villa La Farnesina, later decorated by Raphael, in Rome Via della Lungara and then the order as second architect of the Fabbrica di San Pietro together with Michelangelo who he was already the first architect since Pope Leo

These lucrative orders distracted Baldassarre Peruzzi from completing Palazzo de'Francesconi by entrusting it to one of his students, Arch. Pietro Cataneo.

On the other hand, from 1527 to 1531 the Government of the Nine was excluded from public office. This led to the interruption of the work due to Francesconi's income being halved and reduced to a quarter. With the readmission of the Nine to the Government by the Spanish. Work was resumed according to a project that was no longer the original one but only a partial completion of the construction, renouncing the reconstruction of the already pre-existing part of the south-east side of the Palace (1531-1553).

In fact, the heraldic element present between the brackets of the cornice, which can still be viewed today, belongs to both the coat of arms of the Tolomei and that of the Piccolomini (dating back to the two marriages of Francesconi's daughter). This allows us to precisely date the cornice to around 1539 when Baptista Francesconi married Girolamo Tolomei for her first marriage and in 1553 she, widowed, married Girolamo Piccolomini for her second marriage.

In 1618 Fabio Chigi in his Lodo attributed the completion of the Palace to Pietro Cataneo (student of Peruzzi), who always professed 'in the style and mannerisms of Palazzo Francesconi to his Master the Sienese architect Baldassarre Peruzzi responsible for the project. The remains of Baldassarre Peruzzi are kept in a chapel of the Pantheon in Rome.

Invitation to the palace

Time stopped in 1520 in the halls of the first noble floor of Palazzo Coli Bizzarrini, the same halls where once upon a time prominent personalities from the world of politics, music, art and the European nobility dined.

If you want, you too can dive into the past, relive the same emotions and also enjoy a culinary experience in such an important and prestigious historical residence.

The owners Melissa and Patrizia Coli Bizzarrini will be immensely happy to let you live a unique experience, accompanied by a private chef who, for a maximum of 12 people, will cook for you the most typical dishes of Tuscan cuisine accompanied by the best wines of the Siena area.

The luxury of privacy to converse, celebrate, confide and tell each other in a unique and incomparable context.

Reservations must be confirmed within three days of the event and the event itself will be confirmed by us upon reaching a minimum number of six guests.

PRICE €120/person (wine excluded)
Tour Tasting

Palazzo Coli Bizzarrini is not only a historical residence to stay in, but also a place to be discovered.

The owners Melissa and Patrizia Coli Bizzarrini will be happy to let you visit the entire Palace privately and in a totally exclusive way, with the collaboration of authorized tourist guides, letting you enter, visit and tell you the story of the halls and of the Historic House with frescoes from the 1500s by Baldassarre Peruzzi and the more private ones of the Historic Family Home.

These environments were once lived in by Illustrious personalities in the world of politics, art, culture and the European aristocracy.

All this will be accompanied by an exclusive wine tasting in the halls of 1520 on the first noble floor of the Palazzo.

The owners of the wineries that collaborate with us will come to tell you the story of their wines and their cellars, which are among the most important in the Sienese area.

In addition to all this, between one sip and another of excellent wine, the table will be set with samples of Tuscan appetizers that will accompany the wines you will taste.

Two hours to live a unique and unrepeatable experience, in the history, in the art and in the confidentiality of a unique tour of its kind.


 The tour-tasting will be organized on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for a maximum of 12 people

 The reservation must be confirmed 3 days before the event itself



 This cost is fixed and will be divided according to the number of people who join

 The cost per person will therefore vary according to the participants in the tour.

 We need confirmation at least a week before the chosen day how many you will be and consequently the cost of the experience


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