Palazzo Vinci Gigliucci

Palazzo Vinci Gigliucci is located in Fermo, next to the main town square. Built in the seventeenth century following the coalition of two noble local families, the Vincis and the Gigliuccis, it was enriched by the skillful renovation of the famous architect Giovan Battista Carducci in the second half of the nineteenth century. It is one of the most important noble palaces of the region for both its architecture and décor. The palace is self-sufficient with a typical palatial layout: it has stables, cellars, storage rooms, large rooms used as kitchens and pantries and small work-shops for utility on both the ground and mezzanine floors. On the second floor there is the piano nobile, the rooms are richly decorated with frescoes based on drawings by the painters Luigi Fontana, Palmaroli and the master Luigi Cochetti. A large part of this outstanding building – a unique and unrepeatable example of beauty in the whole region – has been carefully restored and converted into luxury apartments. It is hard to find an example of restoration that encompasses so many different settings: old working areas and the piano nobile have been properly and coherently brought back to life: rustic rooms were finely restored, whilst the larger ones reveal a closer philological accuracy. Each wall, even those in the originally areas, shines by virtue of an accurate design: taste of symmetry and frontality predominate. Palazzo Vinci Gigliucci looks like a rediscovered jewel to be kept for the future and for every forthcoming guest.

Region: Marche
Historical Warehouse
Medieval Kitchen
Medieval Cellars
Apartament - Stanze della Contessa
Apartament - Stanze della Contessa
Apartament - Stanze della Contessa
Apartament - Stanze della Contessa
Apartament - Stanze della Contessa
Apartament - Passaggio Segreto
Apartament - Bottega di Giacomino
Apartament - Bottega di Giacomino

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Palazzo Vinci Gigliucci is a 17th-century historical residence located in the medieval centre of the city of Fermo, just 4 km from the Adriatic Sea. The Palazzo exudes the captivating charm of its long history, its ancient splendours restored to their original grandeur, the beauty of its timelessness shining through and every detail expressing a passion for art and culture. Staying at one of the apartments is akin to embarking on an opulent journey through history and timeless luxury. Furthermore, there are distinctive spaces available for commemorating special occasions and hosting unique events within this richly historical and beautiful setting.

The main ‘Piano Nobile’ floor, which is used for the celebration of civil weddings, and the entire ground floor of the Palazzo, including the Ancient Cellars, the Stables, the Kitchens, the Granary and the Inner Courtyards, lend themselves perfectly for the hosting of very special occasions. The apartments available for residence during your stay include ‘Le Stanze della Contessa’ (The Countess's Rooms), ‘Il Passaggio Segreto’ (The Secret Passage) and ‘La Bottega di Giacomino’ (Giacomino's Workshop). The representative first floor, which spans almost 1,000 square metres, is divided into two apartments named ‘Il Piano Noble’ and ‘L’Appartamento Canova’ and is a unique and evocative place to stay or hold special events.


Palazzo Vinci-Gigliucci houses a truly ancient history within its walls. The initial nucleus was established in the 15th century when the parish priest of the adjacent Church of San Michele Arcangelo (1251 A.D.), the second most important church in the archdiocese after the Metropolitan Cathedral, decided to build a building where he could reside when exempt from his ecclesiastical duties.

In the fifteenth century, Don Marcantonio Gigliucci was appointed Prior of this sacred place, and a few years later, the aristocratic Gigliucci family acquired the ‘priest’s house’ next to the church, carrying out extensive restoration work and improving its architectural structure.

Later, at the beginning of the 1600s and following the marriage between two of the heirs of the Gigliucci and Vinci families, the Palazzo was adapted to the new residential needs of an important noble family. In the second half of the 19th century, it was further embellished by the skillful renovations carried out by renowned Fermo architect, Giovan Battista Carducci. Today, it remains one of the most preeminent aristocratic Palazzos in the region, both in terms of its architectural layout and its internal decorations. A considerable part of this splendid building, which represents a unique and unparalleled example of grandeur in Fermo, has been meticulously restored and transformed into luxurious apartments.


We are pleased to offer a variety of activities such as guided tours, excursions, bicycle tours, wine tastings, cooking classes, private dinners with a chef, car rental with a chauffeur, parking facilities in the inner courtyard of the Palazzo, laundry service, etc.

We also specialise in event planning.

Numbers of beds:19
Event salons:8
Numbers of seats for events:110
wedding reception rooms:6
Places for weddings:110