Introducing Italian historical residences that enjoy opening their doors to the public: they are all private homes, lovingly inhabited by owners who are passionate about sharing their cherished treasures with their visitors. It’s the perfect choice to guarantee an exceptional cultural experience while touring Italy. You can discover the artistic heritage and architectural delights of a host of castles, palaces, villas and country estates, as well as strolling around enchanted gardens and parks steeped in history, at liberty to appreciate centuries-old trees and exotic species. Once you step inside these period residences, you will come into contact with some of the most beautiful and fascinating aspects of Italian tradition and culture. You will be able to visit important art collections, get to know about the local history, learn about the lifestyles and customs of past times and appreciate architectural transformations that have taken place over the centuries.... All of the above, in fact, while gleaning the families’ many life stories and recollections – often directly from the horse’s mouth! You will gain exclusive access to our history in the most authentic way possible, experiencing firsthand the heart and soul of Italian tradition. Whether you dream of retracing the landmark stages of the Italian Grand Tour or prefer to explore hidden gems closer to home, take a voyage through history and discover some of the most idyllic places in Italy. Take your pick, from Palladian Villas near Venice to Castles in the depths of the South, from tiny hamlets in Tuscany to the sites where the Sicilian Leopard once stood, and from medieval villages to ancient, fortified farmsteads in Puglia. The choice is endless, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

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