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Castle of Magrano

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The Castle of Magrano

The Castle of Magrano is a military fort (XIII / XIV century) to defend the City of Gubbio and subsequently the Duchy of Montefeltro presents a large rectangular Tower Palace to which 2 bodies have been added to the west and south to delimit an inner court with a crenellated wall and a curved access ramp: an external curvilinear military body was destined for the end of the '600 a cappella while, in the same period, a Scuderia Foresteria was built next to the south side of the boundary wall which is now directly connected to the Castle.


The Castle of Magrano was born at the end of the '200 as a country villa, but, a century later, it was fortified by the Municipality of Gubbio and then passed under the command of the Dukes of Montefeltro who as important figures such as the lawyer Benedetto Barzi as castellani; at the end of the '500 Magrano returns to being Dimora of important families such as Della Porta and Carpegna who are present in Gubbio with two bishops in the' 600; in the early years of 800 the Castle passed under the Gabrielli family, Roman and Eugubina, related to the Bonaparte family; halfway through 800 Giulia Bonaparte Napoleon's nephew acquires the property that then passes to his son Luciano del Gallo di Roccagiovine belonging to a wealthy Roman family linked to the Papacy: the same starts at the beginning of 900 a first consolidation of the structure but full recovery historical-artistic is started by the nephew Luciano Filippo Giunta in the mid-70 years and completed in the decade 2001-2010 with destination a country hotel.


The residence has twelve rooms e an apartment. The rooms, including three doubles, seven doubles and two Suites, are all furnished with period furniture and are of a superior level for equipment and services (including two whirlpools and a mini-pool in the room).

The attic apartment consists of two bedrooms with double bed, two bathrooms and living room with kitchenette.

Hospitality includes half board and light lunch service: for groups of at least 10 people it is possible to take advantage of the dinner service with a cook and waiter at the table (cost to be estimated).

The company organizes gilding courses, small restoration and decoration on request. cooking courses e wine-tasting with professional sommelier.

It is also possible to carry out guided tours of thefaunistic-hunting company (with the presence of several roe deer, fallow deer, wild boar, hares and pheasants), assist in the search and collection with trained dogs fine truffles black and white, and carry out the sport fishing on the Chiascio river.

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Staying at Castello di Magrano is an excellent choice for those who want to organize a visit to the City of Assisi.




Swimming pool
Wellness spa
Park or garden
Disabled accessibility
Bedrooms: 15
Beds: 30
Events Salons: 4
Places For Events: 50
Set In Outdoors: Si
Set In Interior: Si
Set In Garden: Si
Vehicles accessibility for Events: Si
Phone: 3351231015
Address: Location Carbonesca, 104
Country: Italy
Phone: 3351231015

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