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Castle of Magrano

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The Castle of Magrano

The Castle of Magrano is a military fort (XIII / XIV century) to defend the City of Gubbio and subsequently the Duchy of Montefeltro presents a large rectangular Tower Palace to which 2 bodies have been added to the west and south to delimit an inner court with a crenellated wall and a curved access ramp: an external curvilinear military body was destined for the end of the '600 a cappella while, in the same period, a Scuderia Foresteria was built next to the south side of the boundary wall which is now directly connected to the Castle.


The Castle of Magrano was born at the end of the '200 as a country villa, but, a century later, it was fortified by the Municipality of Gubbio and then passed under the command of the Dukes of Montefeltro who as important figures such as the lawyer Benedetto Barzi as castellani