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Palazzo Negri

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Palazzo Negri

Price for hospitality: € 130

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Palazzo Negri

Palazzo Negri already Vela Sambonifacio is a ancient palace of Verona, located between the central via hat and via stella. The main entrance is via 12 hat.
The building, formerly of the Sambonifacio family, passed into property to the Vela family and then to the Negri family in the first half of the nineteenth century.
The current appearance of the Palace, in full neoclassical style, is the work ofarchitect Giannantonio Selva (1751-1819), famous for having designed the Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice.

On the main façade of the Palace the entrance portal stands out, surmounted by a stone balcony, where, above the central window, there are two tufa statues in a lying position, sculpted by Gaetano Cignaroli, nephew of the famous painter Gian Bettino. Inside there is a vast atrium with a frescoed ceiling from which stands a majestic staircase of Palladian school, which rises to the main floor.
The frescoes made in 1810 by the painter Giovanni Cannella in the main hall of the Palace are of notable value, where you can see wide views with motifs derived from Piranesian engravings (triumphal arch, column, statue of crouched lion), for the first time no longer framed in frames, but arranged over a large portico with fluted Corinthian columns, according to a new style that will be imaged in many interior decorations of villas scattered throughout the Veronese territory up to and beyond the mid-nineteenth century.
In the other rooms on the main floor you can also see valuable frescoes by the painter Ludovico Macanzoni, flanked by his son Domenico, depicting landscapes of the Valpolicella, combining pieces of the local landscape with elements of romantic flora.


The first name of the Palace is given by the ancient and noble Sambonifacio family.
This family was exiled for political reasons from Verona in the 1225 and settled in Padua.
The Lordship of the Scaligeri, hostile to the Sambonifacio, declined at the end of the XIV century and in the 1405 Verona passed under the power of Venice. The Serenissima Republic allowed the Sambonifacio to return to Verona and they built the Palace that remained their property until the arrival of the French (01.06.1797). During the short period of French domination (1797-1814), the trader Gaetano Vela with the money earned by trading with the French army, he bought the Palazzo dei Sambonifacio.

The Vela was the owner of the Palace until the definitive defeat of the French and the arrival of the Austrians in the city. The change of power forced the Vela to sell the palace and leave it.
The ownership of the Palace therefore passed to the family of Friulian origins Negri.
The Negri family is still the owner of the Palazzo.

Il Cappello di Giulietta: stay in the center of Verona

Palazzo Negri offers its guests elegant rooms equipped with all comforts; the ideal choice for travelers looking for an unforgettable stay in a historic building in the center of Verona. "Giulietta's hat"Is a tourist apartment located in Via Cappello, in the heart of the historic center of Verona, in front of Juliet's house.
La central position It makes the structure ideal for people wishing to visit the center of Verona, both for those who want to attend concerts or works in the Arena, but also for people traveling for business or business trips.

Price: Price for hospitality: € 130
Bedrooms: 3
Beds: 6
Set In Outdoors: Si
Set In Interior: Si
Set In Garden: Si
Vehicles accessibility for Events: Si
Phone: +393921795781
Address: Via Hat 12, 37121
Country: Italy
Phone: +393921795781

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