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Villa da Schio

A jewel of 600th century
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Villa da Schio in Castelgomberto, a Palladian school villa

Nestled in a beautiful valley between Vicenza, Verona and Venezia, lies the heritage listed Villa da Schio. Walkways running through the grounds are lined with lush secular trees.

It was originally built at the beginning of seventeenth century, close to the existing national road, but after several flood of the Agno River, the construction site was relocated to the current position on a higher and safer level.

In the initial stages of construction, there were two different buildings, one close to the existing church, and the second some one hundred meters north, next to the area dedicated to the agricultural activities. The architect responsible of the Villa was Antonio Pizzocaro, a follower of the Venetian architect, Andrea Palladio. During the construction process the small Poscola River was deviated in order to provide the best solution for the garden. Since the seventeenth century, Villa da Schio has been passed through family members of the Piovene family, then to the da Porto family and in the early twenties to the family da Schio.

The complex was built by the Piovene family in the second half of the seventeenth century
At first the construction began along the current state road, but due to a flood of the Agno stream that flows nearby, it was decided to build in the position where the villa is today.

Recent studies have shown that initially there were two distinct buildings, one adjacent to the current chapel, and the other in the area behind the barchesse. The design of the villa is attributed to the architect Antonio Pizzocaro who followed in the Palladian footsteps.

In order to have access to the park, the Piovene family diverted the Poscola stream that would otherwise have passed through the park itself, disfiguring its harmony.

From the Piovene family, the villa passed by inheritance to the da Porto family and subsequently to the current owner of the da Schio family.

Today the villa is an exclusive location both for private events such as weddings, meetings, parties, receptions and a place to find hospitality.

Weddings and private events

For the perfect start to married life you need the perfect venue. Villa da Schio could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Villa da Schio offers a range of rooms which provides the flexibility to host a variety of events including weddings, fashion shows, vintage fairs and live events; such as comedy nights, auctions, gigs and music events. Wide spaces are available in the park, as well as in the courtyard where covered walkways are available. Our selected suppliers such as catering, wedding planners or event directors, dj, will happy to provide support and assistance to ensure your day runs without a hitch and that you enjoy every moment.nnEvents can be managed from April to October.

The exteriors are distinguished by the internal courtyard, the eighteenth-century park and the Italian-style garden, with ample spaces for multi-faceted uses starting from the corporate event up to the concert.
The organization of the event, on request, is supported by professionals in the sector who already work with the structure.

Civil ceremony

Villa da Schio is the ideal solution for weddings in an exclusive historical location. In the villa it is possible to celebrate the civil ceremony.

For weddings and various events the price is on average 3000 Euros VAT excluded.



Special fares for schools, and cultural entities.

The visits are made by reservation and are held exclusively with a guide for groups of minino 15 people.
We visit all the exteriors, the eighteenth-century park, the Italian garden.

Guided tours

The Villa is open from April to October. Visits are allowed for the exterior and t the park. Special fares for schools, universities and cultural organizations.

The Apartments

In Villa da Schio three apartments are available; different sizes, from two to eight people each, completely furnished, suitable for medium-long periods, or holiday.

Park or garden
Disabled accessibility
Bedrooms: 3
Beds: 7
Events Salons: 6
Set In Outdoors: No
Set In Interior: No
Set In Garden: No
Vehicles accessibility for Events: No
Address: Via Villa, 117
Postal Code: 36070
Country: Italy

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