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Villa de Claricini Dornpacher

Villa de Claricini Dornpacher is located at Bottenicco of Moimacco, a small rural village on the outskirts of Cividale del Friuli.

It was built around the middle of the century. XVII from de Claricini Dornpacher family and from the 1971 is seat of the foundation the same name established by the Countess Giuditta de Claricini, the last owner of the villa, with the aim of preserving her ancestral heritage and promoting studies and cultural events.

The complex includes the large dominicale house and the church and annexed dependencies. The villa, although characterized by the distinctive features of the Venetian villa, maintains its own horizontal development Friulian farmhouse. The interiors preserve the original furniture, a rich library with over 5.000 volumes, paintings and prints fabric collection ancient and embroidery of the countess.

The villa opens onto a magnificent one Italian garden and on the park with groups of centuries-old essences of beeches, cedars, firs and holm oaks. The villa is framed and surrounded by the company vineyard from which the de Claricini wine is kept and stored in the cellar next to the villa.

The de Claricini family

The de Claricini family, owners of the villa, came from Bologna and settled in Cividale in the mid-13th century. Thanks to the political commitment and to the marriage unions with important Friulian families, the family acquired power and wealth until obtaining in the 1368 the investiture of feudal assets by the emperor Charles IV. In the 1418 another imperial investiture granted the de Claricini the honor of adding to their surname the predicate of Dornpacher, an extinct Austrian house.

Le political and cultural activities they were always held in great esteem by the De Claricini: we remember the man of letters Nicolò who in the 1466 transcribed the Divine Comedy, thus endowing his family with one of the oldest Friulian Dante codes. In the 17th century there were two Knights of Malta, both named Giacomo. In times closer to us, Count Nicolò (1864 - 1946) was President of the Veneranda Arca del Santo of Padua and had great interest in Dante's studies and Giotto's art. His daughter Giuditta (1891 - 1968), last owner of the villa in Bottenicco, was a collector and researcher of textile arts. The Fondazione Claricini was established by his testamentary will.

The History of the Villa

The construction of the villa, thanks to a series of written testimonies, dates back to the 1670. The elongated architectural form recalls the Friulian manor house; above the roof, a central elevation with a pediment and large Venetian chimneys give the building its grandeur. Inside, the two floors have a vast central hall with two lateral room joints.

Access to the courtyard from the honor small church of S. Croce, built around the 1700 and carefully restored in the 2004. The interior has a single rectangular compartment, on the walls there are paintings with saints attributed to Giacomo Carneo. The apse, adorned with paintings by Lucilio Candido (18th century), houses an altar of remarkable beauty for its fine work in polychrome marbles, for the crucifix and the statues representing S. Eurosia and S. Francesco.

Between the 1908 and the 1909 the count Nicolò de Claricini had the villa restored and the was built on Italian garden.
The stone floor, the lemon pots and the boxwood hedges frame the green symmetry enriched by statues and fountains. A balustrade separates the formal garden from the park where a beautiful lawn and secular essences of larches, maples, cedars, holm oaks and pines live together.


Villa de Claricini is the exclusive location for weddings, private events, banquets, parties, ceremonies, business meetings and dinners. The villa is also the ideal environment for photographic and cinematographic services, arts-cultural events e concerts, cooking courses e food and wine tastings.

Several rooms are available to satisfy all needs. It can host up to 300 people sessions and has all the necessary logistic services, outdoor parking and area reserved for kitchens for catering service.

The large park and the Italian garden can host banquets and receptions and are the ideal setting for many occasions and lend themselves to various types of set-up.
The ritual of marriage can be celebrated inside the chapel or in the park, perhaps in the shadow of the secular "beech of the spouses". We also have a room for newlyweds.

Point of sale

From Monday to Saturday and during the extraordinary openings of the villa the point of sale where it is is also open You can buy the company wines.

Park or garden
Disabled accessibility
Beds: 2
Events Salons: 4
Places For Events: 300
Set In Outdoors: Si
Set In Interior: Si
Set In Garden: Si
Vehicles accessibility for Events: Si
Phone: 0432 733234
Address: Via Benvenuta Boiani, 4
Country: Italy
Phone: 0432 733234

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