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Museum of the Carrara Academy

Museum of the Carrara Academy

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Posted by user1131 on July 23, 2015
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THEAccademia Carrara it's the only one museum Italian composed of legacies of important private collectors. It was established in 1794, as a unique reality of picture gallery e School of Painting, on the initiative of Giacomo Carrara, who started construction with the intention that it would house his very rich collection of paintings. The Count Carrara  moreover, he preserved the future of the Academy by leaving all his possessions to it by testamentary will. On his death the management of the Academy passed to the COMMISSIONER, composed of members of the Bergamo aristocratic families.

Over time, the Academy's patrimony has grown in an extraordinary way, both in terms of the number and the quality of the works collected. In fact, over the years it has received the donations of Count William Lochis, the Senator of the Kingdom of Italy Giovanni Morelli (1816-1891) - one of the founding fathers of modern art history - and finally the collection of sculptures by Federico Zeri.
In addition, alongside the largest donations, they have been received over the years two hundred precious legacies that have embellished the collection, which today is a 1.800 paintings.

The Carrara Academy Museum is currently a global reality, with representation of pictorial genres of the Be, Seven e nineteenth century, an important collection of drawings and prints and precious cores of decorative arts, such as fans, chinaware, bronzes e medals.

Given the undisputed relevance of his works and, at the same time, the need to guarantee the institution the right respect for its identity and history, in  1958 il City of Bergamo it takes over the ownership of the Carrara Academy and the pinacoteca becomes in all respects a civic Museum.

In 2008 the museum closes for fundamentals restoration e plant adaptation, as well as to recognize a new order for paintings. The reopening took place on  23th April 2015.

Piazza Giacomo Carrara, 82, 24121 Bergamo

Opening hours:

Monday - Thursday 9.00 - 19.00
Friday 9.00 - 24.00
Saturday, Sunday and holidays 9.00 - 20.00

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