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Posted by user1131 on July 20, 2015
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The Basilica of Santa Maria Goretti, Sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace, it is found at Nettuno, in the province of Rome.

The request guards the body of the girl, a martyr of purity, an obedient and sensible girl, devoted to the family and a duty-bound lover. His only purpose in life was to become more good and close to God, a commitment that he kept until his death, at only 12 years, at the hands of Alessandro Serenelli.

La church it was built at the end of Matteotti seafront, along the coast, and in August 1970 she was raised as pope Paul VI with minor basilica.

The building, which dates back to the XNUMXth century, was built on the site where one previously stood church dedicated toAnnunziata (also called of Saint Roch). It houses precisely the crypt of Santa Maria Goretti and the wooden statue of Our Lady of Grace.

According to tradition, this statue landed on the coasts of Nettuno in 1550, aboard a boat that came from England, following the Anglican schism, a period in which Catholic buildings were confiscated and the statues in them destroyed.

It was thanks to some sailors, who decided to bring the statues of the boat on board Our Lady of Grace and other saints on a boat bound for NAPLES to save them from imminent destruction.

Due to a violent storm the ship landed instead Nettuno. This episode was interpreted as a sign of the will of the Madonna: the sculptures therefore remained there, where they are still preserved.

Il santuario has been subject, over the centuries, to two important ones restorations; one in the 1718 and another in the 1868.

The proximity to sea obviously caused various damages to the complex, due to wind erosion and saltiness; there basilica in fact it was closed for some years until 1914, when a new project was presented, at the request of the Passionist Fathers and financed since then Pope Pius X.

In the 1960 the design of the arcade of churchyard, but, again, in the 1966 la church it was declared unsafe and again inaccessible to the public. The sacred place it was reopened in the 1969.

The inhabitants of Nettuno they are very devoted to Madonna and Santa Maria Goretti, the twelve year old brutally murdered and canonized in the 1950 by Pius XII.

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