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Castle of Charles V in Monopoli

Castle of Charles V in Monopoli

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Posted by user1131 on July 24, 2015
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Il castle of Monopoli, wanted by Charles V and curated for him by the illustrious viceroy Don Pedro of Toledo, was built on the strip of land more advanced than the sea and it was an integral part of the coastal fortification system.

According to another theory the construction of manor instead it was taken care of by the marquis Don Ferrante Loffredo, and indicates the year 1552 for the end of the work.

As the castle of Lecco, of manzoniana memory, also this manor had the honor of housing a commander, as well as the advantage of owning a building garrison of soldiers Spanish and as one city of the south it looked very much like one of the north, if it had a sufficient number of convents, a castle, and above all the honor of being under the domain of Spanish.

Il castle it's shaped pentagonal, typical of the sixteenth-century forts, but it seems to have incorporated one cylindrical tower pre-existing, in shape Romanian, which gives it a truly singular importance toinput and facade.

Also underground  they are incorporated and include, among other things, the ancient church basiliana of San Nicola della Pinna. The name derives from the fact that it was located on the tip of the peninsula that protrudes on the sea.

Il complex also includes a convent founded in the X century and one church, to only one nave with apse e dome Central.

Before becoming a prison, from the last century and until the fifties of this, the castle was the palazzo of the highest military authority of the city.

According to one historical of eighteenth century, who specifies that "half" of this castle “Is inside the sea“, It seems that in his time, under it, it could be done“ la coral fishing in abundance".

But this prodigy it is nothing compared to the history of the Spanish since then, Don Martino Coquemont, colonel of the armies of Ferdinando IV, which came to exceed one hundred years of age.

Don Martino's attachment to life was probably no stronger than that which held him in this one place so long, tied to this castle on sea and to this city; and after him, other illustrious ones authority, in love with the city, will remain to live forever a Monopoli.

From the square of the Castle, continue towards the San Salvatore seafront and then pass from the remains of the bastion of Santa Maria to the double loggia of a building, known as the Palazzo dell'Andora.

Along the shoulder on the sea you reach the entrance to the via San Vito, which descends to the south west through the stretch of the mura still standing in the city old.

On the left le mura di Charles V and therefore the exit from Ancient city in the point where the formerly stood Old Gate.

From here the road that still leads to Egnazia. Come out on the coast and on the beach you can admire the walls of that promontory on the sea, which constituted the original nucleus of Monopoli and that the mura di Charles V they make it look like one nave of stone that cuts through the waters.

La wall placed to the west it preserves a fragment of the ancient belt and ditch.

Address: Largo Castello, 70043 Monopoli BA

Phone: 080 9303014

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