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Posted by Giorgio Hardouin on December 14, 2018
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The importance of enhancing the collections of machinery and technological equipment

Since the nineteenth century, the development of thermodynamics has allowed the construction of new machines and, as a result, new means of transport: trains, cars, motorcycles and finally airplanes, whose rapid development has had significant effects in the history of our evolution .

Le hydraulic machines and of steam engines they played a decisive role in the Industrial Revolution and from that moment on, the use and development of machines has spread everywhere, in the industrial, transport, domestic sectors, has led to important economic and social transformations. In general, beyond the specific field of application, from stationary motors for industrial use to aeronautical engines, machines, understood in a general sense as complex apparatuses for energy transformation, are at the base of the modern technological society.

Understanding its history and its development prospects therefore means enriching its scientific and cultural heritage. From this derives the importance of preserving, making usable and enhance the collections of machinery and technological devices, because precious testimonies of history both technical progress and the various aspects, certainly not secondary, of a historical, cultural and often even sporting nature.

The Museum

Italy possesses a vast historical and technological heritage kept in numerous museums, both public and private, among which there is the Historical Museum of Engines and Mechanisms of Museum System of the University of Palermo.

Opened in the 2011 following a vast research and restoration work of the finds of his collection, the Museum holds numerous machines, industrial equipment, scientific and didactics that, from the second half of the nineteenth century, were acquired and used over time in the various fields of research and teaching. Today, surpassed by new technologies, they constitute a whole heritage of great value that describes the evolution of science and technology in the field of machines.

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The collections

They stand out, for rarity and value, steam engines of the late nineteenth century, one steam turbine of the ancient A. Volta power station, which fed the city of Palermo in the first half of the last century, numerous automotive engines ed aeronautical included in several aircraft, from the beginning of the '900, and the historic aircraft Fiat G.59 4B, one of only 5 surviving complete specimens.

The historic aircraft FIAT G.59, advanced trainer of the Air Force in the 50 years.

An Italian excellence in the world

Due to the historical and technical importance of its collection, on 31 May 2017, the Museum received - first in Italy - the prestigious international recognition Mechanical Engineerig Heritage Collection assigned byAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers, under the program History and Heritage Landmarks aimed at enhancing and promoting the most important historical-technological collections in the world.

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