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Posted by Giorgio Hardouin on May 2, 2019
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Association of historic Italian homes

ADSI National Day

appointment of the 19 May 2019 with the historic homes of Italy

The initiative adheres to the European Private Heritage Week which celebrates the privately owned historic and artistic heritage throughout Europe

Rome, 6 May 2019 - Doors open in the historic homes of Italy for the ninth edition was originally the National Day dell 'Italian Historic Houses Association. Sunday 19 May will about 400 the historic houses, among castles, villas, manors, farmhouses, courtyards, parks and gardens, which will welcome the general public for ADSI's traditional spring event.

The National Day is part of the second edition was originally the European Private Heritage Week, established by European Historic Houses Association, to which ADSI adheres, which will take place between the 16 and the 19 in May to celebrate privately owned historic-artistic and landscape assets throughout Europe. Thus an important appointment is renewed with the history, art and traditions of our common cultural heritage, through the numerous events proposed by the various European organizations that adhere to the initiative. The first edition of the EPHW saw the involvement of 17 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland) and thousands of visitors who were able to admire the beauty of hundreds of period residences scattered throughout the European territory in an exceptional way.

As every year, the ADSI National Day wants to be a moment of involvement and sharing, but also of value awareness, not only historical and artistic, but also socioeconomic, of this essential part of our cultural heritage, whose care and conservation are entirely left to private owners. The Historic Houses offer Italian and foreign tourists the opportunity to immerse themselves in unique atmospheres and to discover places that are often little known by the general public because they are outside traditional itineraries, which homes help keep alive and pass on intact to future generations. . In line with previous editions, an important space for the National Day will be dedicated to master craftsmen, custodians of ancient knowledge, fundamental for the maintenance and conservation of period residences.

At many residences also the students of schools and art institutes, with which ADSI has established collaboration relationships both at central and local level, play the role of guides for visitors: in this way the National Day succeeds in also directly involve the new generations in the enhancement of the historical-architectural heritage, which represents such an important resource for our country.

At the regional and local level, the National Day program is enriched with a wide range of cultural events, such as exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, with the aim of involving the public of all ages.


Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane

The Italian Historical Dwellings Association, a non-profit organization recognized as a non-profit organization, is the association that brings together the owners of historic residences present throughout Italy.

Born in 1977, the Association currently has about 4.500 members and represents a significant component of the historical and artistic heritage of our country.

The Association promotes awareness-raising activities to promote the preservation, enhancement and management of historic homes, so that these buildings, of historical-artistic value and interest to the community, can be protected and handed down to future generations in the best conditions.

This commitment is directed in three directions: towards the shareholders themselves, the owners of the assets, the central and territorial institutions, competent on the different aspects of conservation and public opinion, interested in the protection and enhancement of the country's cultural heritage.

website: www.adsi.it
Twitter: @dimorestoriche
Facebook: Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane

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